Screen Guides available?

Apr 12, 2020
Hiya BitBuilt peeps!

I have a question regarding LCD screens for portables. Mainly seeing if there is a guide out there on this subject and if someone could assist.

If I buy a screen, I would also need a board that has all the components that I would need as well correct? Such as audio video out, and charging/voltage connection correct?

Sorry for all the noobie questions. Just making sure I buy all the parts I need. So far I have all the parts I think I need but the screen and screen board. Trying to make sure I don't mess up anything building this N64 portable.

Thank you in advance!
Jun 3, 2019
Hi, I don't think there is a "guide" but there are a lot of screens if you look out for car screen on sites like aliexpress,... Usually the cheaper ones are tn panels that are not the best. You can also found some better one looking for camera screens(the ones you can add over).
If you wan't some quality, you'll better look for an IPS screen.
I also agree that if someone find a good screen, it could be nice to post it on a thread.

So... the easier way is to buy the one in the bitbuilt store, since it's quite hard to find a good 4/3 ration screen. You might find the panel a little cheaper somewhere else, but in my case the control board was a little wider.