1. Can/How can I modify a laptop screen to display output from HDMI/AV/anything?

    I have an old ASUS ROG G551V Laptop and I am wondering if it would be possible to somehow make it display output from some hdmi, AV etc output or something else. I want to modify a console to output to it but I am unsure about how I could do this or if it is even possible. Maybe there is another...
  2. Sunaris

    Someone has a good reference for a 5'' screen with a connection in hdmi ?

    If you have a link for a good 5'' screen with a connection in hdmi tell me about it. (Sorry for m'y Bad englisch i'm french). Thx
  3. Frogfreak

    Question Anybody know of any 6-6.2 inch Screens with VGA (or AV).

    As the title makes obvious, i need a 6 to 6.2 inch (preferably good quality) screen for my upcoming first wii portable. so, that's the size i'm going for, but i need that kind of connection, and hopefully, not too expensive, ($50 or less hopefully). Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  4. cy

    Solved Screen driver board

    Due to interference and panel issues I've had to replace the screen in my G-Wii. Luckily I happened to have another 5 inch screen on me, but I'm having trouble modding it for 5 volts. It appears to be an alternative model of the ZJ050NA 08C screen as that is the screen I ordered but the driver...
  5. JCasper

    Question Wii Portable Battery/General Parts

    Hey all! I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work. I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store...
  6. JCasper

    Question General parts questions and battery

    Hey all! I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work. I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store...
  7. Question Looking for screens for a wii portable

    I can't seem to find a good screen on the internet, the best I found was this but it doesn't have a VGA input, and I am not sure how good Wii games will look on that low resolution. Then there is this which also has those problems. I am going for something like 3.5 inches. Any recommendations?
  8. Elen1441

    Solved Shipping time for store products

    Hello everyone, someone who can help me. On March 26, I bought a 5-inch screen at the bitbuilt Store and today it is April 4 and they have not sent it to me yet. It is my first time shopping on the page and I wanted to know if it takes much longer to ship. I hope someone can help me with this...
  9. Elen1441

    Solved screen freezes and regulator heats up

    Hi guys, this is my first project. After reading and reading I decided to cut one of my Wii, the process was fun and also the location of the U10. After I mounted some cheap regulators I tried to test them and these were the results. The Wii turns on and I have component video, the USB is...
  10. Gi0V1Z

    Question RVL DD compatibility

    Sorry for the dumb question... Do you guys think that this screen can work with the RVL DD? It’s written that is an TFT LCD 5” 800x480 I will not use the touch panel
  11. ModerateGamer

    4:3 Screen recommendations?

    Hi, I'm looking for a 4:3 screen to use in my build but that is proving really tough all the screens I find are 16:9. Ideally I'd like to stick to 4:3 and if possible ips which I'm sure is just a pipe dream. I saw a video not too long ago and the guy had just that, I messaged him but got no...
  12. 5.5" Oled Screens?

    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing very well during these trying times! I'm just wondering does anyone have any experience with the 5.5" oled screens from aliexpress? If not does anyone have any reasons why they shouldn't be used? (Besides the possibility of burn in). It accepts hdmi and...
  13. CalebPikmin

    Screen Guides available?

    Hiya BitBuilt peeps! I have a question regarding LCD screens for portables. Mainly seeing if there is a guide out there on this subject and if someone could assist. If I buy a screen, I would also need a board that has all the components that I would need as well correct? Such as audio video...
  14. Omar Elsayed

    Question Using 3ds analog stick as a gamecube analog stick replacement

    I want to build a wii portable and want to use 3ds analog sticks. Do I just use the caps? Or do I somehow replace the analog stick on the gamecube with it. If yes, how do I do it?
  15. Aaron Miller

    Need help with screen and video amp

    I am working on making a parts list for my first Wii portable, which I am thinking about calling the Shrink Mii. At the moment, I am looking for a screen and screen-related hardware, I kind of need a bit of help. I would like a 5-6 inch screen, and from what I’ve read I think I’m looking for a...
  16. Will this screen work

    So I've been dabling in Raspberry Pis and I was wondering if this screen will work. (These were taken on the bus)
  17. Daquantrius Johnson

    Question VGA Screen Trouble

    ey b0is So I bought this screen ( It works to some degree. when there's no signal the backlight is fine. the buttons work, etc. But when I plug in a VGA source (my PC), the screen goes dark...
  18. Blitz4597

    Question Video board help

    I'm using this screen for my portable wii: 5’’ Inch TFT LCD Car Color Rear... Which this is the first time ive ever done this, but im trying to figure out where i need to solder the magnet wires from here: to somewhere on this board: idk if anyone has worked with a board or screen like...
  19. Wistarata

    Question Can't find a 7" component screen

    Hi, I'm planning on doing a portable wii, and I was making my BOM. But I searched all the fucking internet for a 7 inch ypbpr screen but the only screens I find are 150€ screens. If someone has a link please post it. Thanks
  20. Fruity_Grebbles

    Controllers, Devkit, Accessories and other interesting components

    I, like many of you, have accumulated gadgets and parts that at this point aren't worth the space they take up. Mostly I just want to get rid of them, so I'm not interested in making a ton of money here. At bare minimum, I'd like to be reimbursed for shipping, but it'd be nice to make the sale...