Custom Gameboys


Painting Queen
Oct 27, 2016
Hey guys :) I'm going to put these up on eBay soon, but I'm putting them here first in case anyone is interested.

All of these work great, are clean, and have brand new faceplates. All paint has been clear coated, and they should last a long time if taken care of.

The gameboy colors: both of these I consider to be imperfect due to some small blemishes. They took different amounts of time and effort to do, but I'm asking $70 plus shipping each, or $120 plus shipping for both.
20170202_145141.jpg 20170202_145149.jpg 20170202_145202.jpg
The Zelda gameboy color is pretty near perfect. The triforce and Zelda logos are 3d printed, painted, and epoxied on. The only cosmetic flaw with the Zelda one is that the back sticker is a little wrinkled.

The Metroid gbc has a glossy orange and red fade. A lot more work went into this one than the Zelda one, but it has a couple small spots where the paint wrinkled. The best way I can describe it is that it looks like some tiny short hairs got in the paint. One is underneath the batteries where it can't be seen, and one is above the B button. Both can be seen in the photos. The metroid logos are also 3d printed.

The Castlevania Gameboy: I consider this to be a fully completed project. I'm asking $200 plus shipping. I'm not really expecting this one to sell here, but am not really looking to lower the price since I think I can get at least that on eBay.
20170217_195851.jpg 20170217_195753.jpg 20170217_195922.jpg 20170217_195945.jpg 20170217_200008.jpg
This gameboy is castlevania themed. It features a 3 dimensional brick texture, and a 2-tone grey paintjob to give it depth and age. It has two torches that light up when the console is turned on. They flicker like real torches would instead of being regular LEDs. The back has the C from the castlevania logo written on it. The power switch and the torch handles are 3d printed. The only defect in this console is that if you're not playing a game, you can very faintly hear a slight noise from the speaker. It cannot be heard when playing a game and is very faint. You can't hear the noise in earbuds either.

Here is a demo of the console so you can see and hear it for yourself.

I'm willing to entertain offers or trades, feel free to let me know :)