1. Bakuku

    Custom Gamecube Memorycards (Gore!)

    Whats up everybody, Long time no post. I’ve been commissioned recently to create two Gamecube memorycards in the same style as the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller (the awkward collectors item). I have to say I’m really glad how they turned up. It was also my first Airbrush commission...
  2. Madmorda

    Custom Gameboys

    Hey guys :) I'm going to put these up on eBay soon, but I'm putting them here first in case anyone is interested. All of these work great, are clean, and have brand new faceplates. All paint has been clear coated, and they should last a long time if taken care of. The gameboy colors: both of...
  3. Madmorda

    Worklog Various Cosmetic Console Mods

    About a year ago, I bought a couple gamecubes for cheap and decided to paint one. It came out well the first time, so I painted the second one, and then a third, etc. I slowly started learning more and doing noncosmetic mods like leds and modchips etc (eventually leading to an interest in...