Best way to protect delicate solder joints?


Jul 2, 2020
Hey y'all, I'm currently working on my Wii portable. There's several sensitive solder joints on the main Wii motherboard. These include AWG 38 magnet wire soldered to tiny AVE pins, as well as that *one* via that you can solder the U10 wire to. Anyone know how to make sure those wires never come undone? Problem is, once those tiny vias are flooded with solder, it's effectively impossible to put a wire back in (in my experience). Being able to protect the length of the wire to its path would also be nice. Maybe Kapton tape? Hot glue? Not sure. Please let me know what you guys have done. Thank you!

Edit: Electrical tape hasn't proved effective for me. Perhaps the kind I have is cheap and shitty, but it tends to come off the PCB after only a short time and just overall feels too bulky to be used in a portable I'd like to be as clean as possible.
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Sep 3, 2020
I'll often mix up a little bit of 5 min two part epoxy and tack it down in a few spots with using only a few drops worth. You shouldn't need to go along the length of the wire, just enough to provide strain relief for the sensitive areas. I find kapton to be a pain to work with in tight areas.