wiikey fusion

  1. public-pervert

    [SOLD] I'm selling an original Wiikey Fusion

    I'm selling this original Wiikey Fusion. It was barely used on a Gamecube many years ago. 3v3 and GND was soldered directly to the board, but it's easily already removed. At the time it was working, but I have no way to test it as the GC has no power board anymore. I'm 99,9% sure it's working...
  2. public-pervert

    Original Wiikey Fusion for sale.

    I'm selling my Wiikey Fusion used on this project: I have removed the ribbon connector on the DVD side, but it works like it should. I abandoned this project long ago, and now I'm cleaning my junk. Probably will post more stuff for sale soon. Asking 120 USD. I know some will criticize the...
  3. Paul3854

    Question Should I use the Gamecube disc drive or Wiikey... or?

    Hi! I'm new to portablizing and BitBuilt! I haven't done anything yet but only been studying things and how I would do it. One problem I keep running into is how will I load games onto the Gamecube. One option would be the normal Gamecube disc drive but it's kind of bulky but the easiest one to...
  4. Question April 2017- Where can I find a WIIKEY/WASP Fusion?

    I'm looking to build a gamecube portable, but I can't find a Wiikey or Wasp Fusion to replace the disc-drive. Does anyone know where to get one nowadays? Thanks!
  5. Madmorda

    Question Loading GC Games Onto Wasp Fusion

    So recently my apparently-not-fried-after-all wasp fusion came back to life, and I'm playing with putting games on it. I have found lots of info on the pinouts of it, however info about the software seems a little dry. I am using WBFS Manager 3.0 and I can load wii games, but not gamecube games...
  6. Dr._Mobo

    Question Init Wiikey Fusion Issue

    I am currently using a wasp fusion preflashed with swiss from BadAss Consoles, as well as a megadrive v5. Whenever I originally installed the wasp, everything worked pefectly. However, a couple of weeks later I get something that pops up on the screen that says my region switches are wrong. I...