1. Blyatman5573

    Question Need some help with portablizemii

    So, I’ve already installed portableizemii in prep for my g-boy project that I’ve already ordered, the issue is, I can’t seem to get portablizemii to boot into a menu outside of the Wii menu, I’ve installed emulators and tried to figure out if I’m missing an IOS but I may simply be missing...
  2. Omar Elsayed

    Question Questions about making a wii portable and other stuff

    1. Any good guide on making analog shoulder button presses? 2. My order is still awaiting fulfillment, but I want to add more stuff. Can I add it to my current order so I won't have to pay for shipping twice? 3. Does portablizemii replace the wii menu? Or can i go back to the wii menu if I want...
  3. Scrunch

    Question Bluetooth & PortablizeMii

    Heyo, I was wonder what the deal is with Bluetooth relocation, as I would like to play Wii games on my first portable. But the Bluetooth relocation seems redundant if you could hypothetically insert a USB Bluetooth adapter and connect a Wii remote? Same goes for wifi... The only reason I don't...
  4. starcat

    Solved deleted portablizemii USB/SD card files

    I was moving computers and accidentally didn't copy over the USB info that the Wii needs to run in portablizemii so it got deleted and I already trimmed the Wii so I don't have the mac address.Is it possible to re-download portablizemii USB files without mac address?(I already have portablizemii...
  5. Speedyal

    Question Portabalizemii boots wii games and emunand to black screen, need help

    Recently, I have run into an issue which is causing my wii games to not boot correctly via portibilizemii. i have used and followed the tutorial that was shown on the download page and also tried formating and reinstalling, but it brings me to the same problem. My GC games work just fine, but I...
  6. FriedNoodles

    Question PortablizeMii FAT error on USB

    When I tried downloading the cheese to my wii it said FAT error and No USB detected. I tried reformatting it and now it just says exFAT with 32k. I used a program that said it would format it to FAT32 but it still says exFAT when my computer reads it.
  7. Honzapat

    Question "Exception (DSI) Occurred!" on anything

    Hi I have "small" problem previously i have installed cIOS 235, d2x, and 3 noWifi_cIOS files, which did not worked as expected and i installed portablizeMii the normal way but whatever i opened wii game EmuNand homebrew app through it, it print "Exception (DSI) Occurred!" and returns to...
  8. Nold

    Worklog Nold's First WiiP - The WiiD!

    Just making it official now, it took me days to find a name for this project (Thanks @JacksonS for taking the name WiiSP, without even building a clam-shell :P).. Planned Specs: - Wii: LM420 - Controller: GC+ (Thanks @Aurelio & @BocuD ) - DS Slider, Speakers & Buttons - Display: 5" 4:3...
  9. Nold

    Worklog Road to OMEGA [Smexy-/Meme-/Pic-heavy as f***]

    The discord addicted should already have seen a lot of those pics, but i wanted to share them for all ppl on BB :) Also i think it's the best i can do for celebrating my one-hundreds post in this community! Warning: Some of the shown mods are still in a Proof-Of-Concept, so don't try this at...
  10. Is anyone selling a portable wii?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you have a handheld (not laptop) wii for sale. If so, could you let me know what is features and your asking price? Thanks
  11. Toaster912

    Question Video on portablizemii

    Hi, I was watching some of ShockSlayer's videos and he had a video (intro) start up when he turned on his Wii, and it booted into portablizemii. I would really like to know how to do this. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  12. Toaster912

    Solved Portablizemii

    Hi, whenever I try to load letterbomb it just goes straight back to the home menu. Is there any fix on this? Please help me.
  13. Toaster912

    Solved Portablize mii

    Portablize Mii isn't loading on my Wii the SD card works just not the portablize mii booting on the Wii? Any help is appreciated. I just want to get started trimming the motherboard! Thanks
  14. fluiddaudio

    Discussion Case airflow & thermal discussion

    Positive (pulling fresh air in) airflow vs negative (pushing hot air out) airflow in a portable? Best heatsink configuration, thermal compound, etc? Noise & heat is a concern to some people when making a portable; what do you go about doing personally? Do you care much? Discuss :P
  15. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii video black and white, nintendon't messed up colours

    The screen of my portable only gives weird colours or black and white, instead of what it is supposed to be. Can anyone help me with this? I'm using a RVL-CPU-030 (not trimmed of course) and a composite video cable because i can't really see the difference anyway on a 7" screen. The resolution...
  16. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii black screen on booting games

    I have been working on a portable for about 2 weeks now, and up until now i always used a normal softmod and usb loader. But now that i got to the part of removing the disk board i installed PortablizeMii and when booting any game (Wii or Gamecube) it just gives me a black screen and no audio...
  17. Geliot0406

    Question Where to put GCN Isos using PortabilizeMii

    Yup, just that. I have been trying a lot and PortabilizeMii nor nintendont recognize any games. Im trying to use Melee. ALSO! where do wii games go and what do I use to launch them?