1. jefflongo

    STM32 NES Emulator

    So I'm taking a microcontrollers class and we need to create a project. Most projects are pretty basic, but my partner and I wanted to go above and beyond. I've always wanted to write an NES emulator, so we decided to write an NES emulator to run on an STM32 microcontroller. We are designing a...
  2. nobble

    Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer

    Here's my newest Gameboy mod! It's a Consolized DMG using Easy_VGA and a Pro Micro to enable gameplay with a NES controller. This was built based off of the info HERE. Big thanks to @seerofvoid420 for helping with the board tracings, and @Postman and uXe for helping me finalize the code. This...
  3. Ibprofen98

    NES and SNES Classics for portables?

    I just now stumbled across Nintendo's official NES and SNES classics, miniature versions of the original consoles. They work by emulation and have a library of games (30 on the NES, 20 on the SNES). This is old news now, I realize that, but I do not see anybody has posted anything about the...
  4. fibbef

    Worklog NES 2 C U - 2018 Summer Contest Entry

    Ok, it's time to get my 2018 contest submission underway! For my entry I will be dipping largely into my spare parts to make a fairly simple portable. In this case, I have the NES portion of a damaged Retron 3 that I would like to portablize. Wow. Building a NOAC portable for a competition that...
  5. Plaidx

    K.S. NES Portable V1 and 2

    I might as well introduce myself as this is my first post since i made a BitBuilt account. Im a High School Electrical Hobbyist and aspiring Electrical Engineer. Ive done a lot of hobby work with electronics and love to figure out how things work. I was interested in portables after wathing...