NES and SNES Classics for portables?

Aug 6, 2018
I just now stumbled across Nintendo's official NES and SNES classics, miniature versions of the original consoles. They work by emulation and have a library of games (30 on the NES, 20 on the SNES). This is old news now, I realize that, but I do not see anybody has posted anything about the possibility of using these in portables. I have found videos from legit youtube channels showing how to add games to them using downloadable software. So I'm curious, are people simply purists and don't want to use such hardware? Is it just not all that great all things considered? And I wonder if there is a way to hack the system and implement a cartridge port. Just some questions for you guys, I would love to hear your opinions!

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just watched Ben Hecks video on the classic and pretty much all my questions were answered, haha! no composite, no way to install cartridge port, that was wishful thinking I know! Biggest thing of course is why use that instead of a Raspberry Pi. :P

Edit: I also see that the $10-20 items being sold on ebay that sparked my interest are most definitely bootlegs and not real products, so yeah...
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Jan 31, 2016
Its not at all a matter of "purism". NES and SNES classics draw is that they are a plug-and-play solution for the masses. They are quite expensive and very hard to come by right now, and since they are just emulating anyway, and boards like raspberry pis can do all that and more, there isn't really a reason to do one over a pi or other devices board. You get more capibility for less money and less effort with a pi.