1. CrashBash

    MGC 2024

    YO! MGC 2024 (somehow) already came and went. Why weren't you there? Chained knock-off Mario plushie is deeply disappointed in you. Unless you were there, in which case... NICE! Hope you enjoyed your time, post your pics in this thread. As per usual the room was full of portables and projects...
  2. CrashBash

    MGC 2023

    MGC already came and went. 2-3 days of hanging out with your portabilizing bros, drinking, eating, and modding. Wide shot of our room this year after the event closed down BitBuilt after dark ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) My psychologist: "Mega Gameboy Advanced can't hurt you" Mega Gameboy Advanced: This...
  3. CrashBash

    MGC 2022

    Remember MGC 2021? Yeah, it was only 6 months ago due to being off-schedule due to 'rona. That being said, MGC '22 has already came and went. The event was on 3 floors this year. Felt kind of weird with everything spread out. Size comparisons Tesla decided to show up... I guess. Wonder...
  4. CrashBash

    MGC 2021 - Bringing BitBuilt Back

    It was March of 2020. With the COVID-19 pandemic just kicking off, MGC 2020 was cancelled. A year and a half later in November, MGC was back and BitBuilt was there to represent the portabilizing community with members both old and new. For those unfamiliar with what the Midwest Gaming Classic...
  5. CrashBash

    BitBuilt at MGC 2021 And Celebrating 5+ Years of BitBuilt

    @cheese, @CrashBash, and many others from the BB crew will be attending the Midwest Gaming Classic convention! Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 5-7 the event is bound to be blast. Located nearby? Come on by and visit the BitBuilt Experience room and meet your fellow modding...
  6. GingerOfOz

    MGC 2019 - The True BitBuilt Experience

    So there was a party this last weekend. All 3600 of you were invited but I guess y'all didn't think this was worthy of your attention? Time to prove you wrong. This thread is for any and all images relating to MGC, I just don't want a repeat of last year where the images all got put in a...