BitBuilt at MGC 2021 And Celebrating 5+ Years of BitBuilt

BitBuilt @ MGC 2019
@cheese, @CrashBash, and many others from the BB crew will be attending the Midwest Gaming Classic convention! Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 5-7 the event is bound to be blast. Located nearby? Come on by and visit the BitBuilt Experience room and meet your fellow modding enthusiasts, see some of our member's projects in the flesh, hang out, and enjoy the convention!
More details regarding the convention can be found at its site: We look forward to seeing those who can attend in November!

To celebrate this event, and a belated celebration of OVER 5 YEARS (5½ now!) of both BitBuilt and the the definitive Wii trimming guide, @CrashBash has taken the liberty to create some BitBuilt wallpapers that you can rock on your computers, tablet, or phone. They may not let you cut half your of your PC's motherboard off, but they will let you show off your BitBuilt pride!
You can find the wallpapers in this thread here: BitBuilt Wallpapers and Other Swag

We have lots planned to come so stick around!
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