first ever portable

  1. Thomothy

    Worklog Obligatory Ashida First Build

    Don’t got much yet. My Wii has been homebrewed for 3 years now waiting for me to finally gather the strength. Well I am now just waiting for the parts to deliver and I did make a little breakout board to hopefully make troubleshooting easier. Plus I laid out my trim for the ashida. The black is...
  2. GroovyMusicMan

    Question buying pcb's for the ashida

    I have these added to the cart. I read the description under the pcb's to try and understand what each one does, but I feel like some of the pieces (ie the replacement heat monitor L chip) are redundant, and I don't really wanna waste money, so is this all I need to make the ashida work? (I have...
  3. harutoch

    Worklog AWiiDA, my first wii portable (wii-themed ashida)

    I've ordered all the parts except for the 4layertech stuff as i have to make sure i got enough money before getting it. My vision is a wii-themed ashida, and i made a decal to put on the back (attached). I also made a Pikmin RVLoader theme if you're interested in it. I've wanted to make a wii...
  4. GroovyMusicMan

    Worklog First potable

    I installed the homebrew channel, but am struggling on how to get game cube iso filed, and I also don't know if I did the wifi disabling bit to allow me to trim the motherboard
  5. Soak_n_fused

    Question 1st portable Wii complete!!

    Ok, so I just finished my first Wii portable, but not after (possibly) ruining another Wii in the process. Hopefully I can go back to the first board and patch it up. A couple things that I'd like some help with: 1) The heatspreaders linked in the Ashida BOM don't sit nicely against the wii...
  6. Velocity_Art

    Worklog Ashida starting out

    Hey all, I've recently gotten my hands on an old Wii (it was thrown down the stairs and donated, pretty sure it still works), and I want to start on doing a G-Boy Ashdia project, I'm just having trouble finding a good starting point/most up to date guide, especially for my predicament already...
  7. Heuic

    Worklog First Gwii

    I'm starting my first portable after doing a lot of reading and finally getting enough money to build one. I'm saving a real name for my portable when I make one of my own design. I have ordered all of my parts from AliExpress and am waiting for them to arrive. I will be trying to make a...
  8. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this awesome forum and after a month of research and walking into BitBuilt I start this thread for share my first portable console the O-WII ! The goal is to make a nice thin and clean portable WII. 1 - the choice of custom power supply : For that I have first see the...
  9. CalebPikmin

    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    Hey guys, this is going to be my first portable and I am super new and probably will end up hurting myself and the parts I use. My case will be made up of two different sides of a two screwdriver set cases (hence the name, ",Tool64"). I love the color of the green so if it doesn't work with the...
  10. Viktor

    Worklog My first Portable Wii

    Hello, I'v been doing some research lately and wanted to try a shot on my own. I ordered three japanese wiis and managed to region change two of them. The third one has system version 1.0 on it. That's why I'm not able to softmodd it :(. I still have 2 tries and 3 Hardware components of...
  11. PerplexedOzzy

    Question WiiU Gamepad Portable Wii Case

    I am trying to start my first project to make a portable, and I was wondering if using a WiiU gamepad as a case would be a good idea. It would allow a lot of room for error and I was wondering if there would be a way to use the pieces already inside like the battery, speakers, and IR bar.
  12. Worklog G-Wii: My First Electronics Project

    I made a thread a little while ago in the noob section asking for some help and got so much great advice from everyone. Thus, I have finally have mustered up the courage to try and make my first Wii portable. Although I would have loved to have frankencased my own design, I decided to simply use...