disk drive

  1. ModderWizard

    Question Question on the interchangeability of disc drives

    Hello. I recently picked up a GameCube compatible black Wii to use with my new CRT. I wanted to play some DVDs on it as I have nothing else to use that has component hookups (using homebrew software, obviously). But, apparently, my Wii has a newer revision of the disc drive that doesn't support...
  2. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Wiring the disk drive to the GC motherboard?

    I know that Wii portables are superior in almost every way, but I already have a GameCube I wanted to portablize. I'm relatively new to hardware modding, but have succeeded in wiring video and audio to the GameCube motherboard. The two things that are still very confusing for me (and I have put...
  3. Jonny

    Worklog Ps2 portable (to be named)

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while now and I have decided I'm finally going to start a worklog! I'm not sure what I'm going to call this one (you Wii people have good names I'm jealous) but here's what it's going to include: 6 18650s, adding up to a 10200 Mah 7.4 volt battery pack...
  4. Paul3854

    Question Should I use the Gamecube disc drive or Wiikey... or?

    Hi! I'm new to portablizing and BitBuilt! I haven't done anything yet but only been studying things and how I would do it. One problem I keep running into is how will I load games onto the Gamecube. One option would be the normal Gamecube disc drive but it's kind of bulky but the easiest one to...
  5. LokiDragon

    Worklog SP PSII Build

    I'm a lot further along with my first PS2P now nearly finished I dare say... But I've another problem I can't work out. I'm using the Pro evolution soccer controller which has the analog sticks on a separate board as well as solder pads ready printed on the button main board (Guess the company...