custom regulators

  1. AFE123

    TI Regs for Sale

    Hello, I hope this listing finds you well. I wanted to see if anyone is interested in purchasing the following: 1x PTH regulators 1x PTR regulator *Note: The Printed Circuit Board, cap and resistors will not be included. I ordered these regulators on 5/16/22 off Digikey for...
  2. Question PTH08080 alternatives

    I am looking for PTH08080 regulators but I failed to find any in my local electronics shops. Is there anything else I can use? Specifically for 1v and 1v15.
  3. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this awesome forum and after a month of research and walking into BitBuilt I start this thread for share my first portable console the O-WII ! The goal is to make a nice thin and clean portable WII. 1 - the choice of custom power supply : For that I have first see the...
  4. Question Wii Voltage tolerance

    Hi, before trimming my console, I wanted to make sure my custom regulators are working fine. These are my readings from the four regulators (PTH08080WAH): size of resistor used - output voltage reading from multimeter 82k - 0,995 V 33k -...
  5. Buying Custom Regulators / Trimmed Board (Found!)

    I'm looking for a wii board that still has Bluetooth (I have senor bar), as well as one memory card (wire, I can provide the spare slotting) and (wiring for) gamecube controllers, as well as the custom regulators pre-made and wired up If you have such a board, or at least a trimmed down one...
  6. Liquid

    Alternative custom regulators

    Okay, so i see that everyone is using those PTH08080 regulators, the thing is, where i live it's impossible to find those regulators and the closest i could find are some called "mini360", they're dirt cheap and they do 1v to 17v with 1.8a max output. I bought one of these to test some stuff...
  7. Ikeprodigy

    Resistors for Custom Regulators

    Where's the best place to get the listed resistors for custom regulators? (87.2k, 33.8k, 1.89k, 353) I'm having a hard time finding some for an affordable price. If there aren't any resistors with the exact value, what are the best combinations to put in series? Links would be appreciated!