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    Parts question

    My understanding is the buttons for the DSlite can only fit a certain way that fits the G boy. Like a puzzle piece, not sure if the buttons fit the same layout. You can try and see.
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    GBoy rev3

    Resin cast is slick af. I'd deff would love that added in for an extra cost.
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    Portable Thoughts

    Got my two Wii's and I am serious on making a portable. There's a lot going through my head. At first I wanted to make a G Boy. Now I've come to think that the Gwii would be perfect to build. Hopefully as far as wiring will go I can use the G boy assembly guide to give me a general direction as...
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    The Wiiboy Color

    Honestly I'm gonna gonna make a wii portable and stick it into a wii remote. This looks amazing! The white makes it super pop!
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    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Late comment. Would your mod to input gamecube controls to wii still work on this?
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    Yellow G-Boy

    Looks amazing! Might do it myself. Does it have sticky residue? How did you install it aside from just putting it on?
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    Guide Electronics 101 Videos

    Thank you!
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    BBLoader v1.3 - beta

    Didnt someone have a patron that can donate in order to get the mod that allows the wii remote to configure to the buttons?
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    G-Boy kit for sale! SOLD

    It is a clear Nintendo switch lite. I even will include a game of your choice and a 64 gig sd card.
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    G-Boy kit for sale! SOLD

    Hey I have a switch ready to send If you wanna trade
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    Any way to increase the battery life of the G-Boy?

    Would it be possible to get stronger lithium batteries to sustain more playtime?
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    I got two fresh wiis coming my way!

    Well got on ebay and looking for a sweet Wii which in turn I'll dismantle it to make a G-Boy. One wii I neglected to read the fine print of the difference between the 6 layer mother board vs the 4th so one wii might be dust. I got a black wii incase the white wii is a dud. Regardless if it turns...
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    BitBuilt Welcome Thread!

    Hey my name is Patrick! Just ordered a Wii from ebay with disc issues and I'm excited to dismantle it to make a G-Boy! Researching extensively. Reshelled my switch lite to a clear case model and I just wanna do more electronic work. It is extremly fun and I am happy to be doing something new.