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  1. Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    To everyone who has been watching these projects, sorry for the lack of updates on progress. I am still working on the projects, My university has caused me a pile of trouble in regards to my teaching degree which has caused me to put other projects onto the back burner. Combined with my own...
  2. N64 Portable - Tanuki

    Well the time has come. I am going to pull out of the summer build competition. My university where i have been studying has screwed me around in regards to my Teaching placements and I have not had the time to work on the tanuki. I simply have not had time to work on the electronics aspects of...
  3. Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    Progress has been slow of late, due to uni commitments. But i have found a little bit of time to squeeze in some work on they hd joycons. And did a rough test print of the left top
  4. Question C-Stick not working properly with gc+2.0

    you could just carefully scratch off the green solder mask to expose the ground plane copper underneath and solder directly to that. Just scratch off anywhere near where i put the blue should work
  5. Model Wii SPii CAD Files

    there will be some similar parts, but you'd need to compare the boms for the wiispii and the rvl-pms. and its probably not worth doing at any rate, unless you can't get the parts due to chip shortage. But hot air is what you'd use tbh
  6. Question C-Stick not working properly with gc+2.0

    you should be able to wire to either of these pads, as they are connected to the ground pad that you tore. if that doesn't work id ask Aurelio on the discord
  7. Question C-Stick not working properly with gc+2.0

    Firstly, use thinner wires really helps with cable management, your solder joints are cold, you have exposed WAY too much wire at the ends for soldering to the pads. Seriously colour coordinate your wires will help 1000x when it come to trouble shooting. and i have no idea wtf is happening in...
  8. Question RVL-01 Composite Wiring

    good god man, are you using an adjustable heat iron, because thats some burn marks you got there
  9. N64 Portable - Tanuki

    So finally had a chance to work on the tanuki. Changed my plans a little from using a 5" screen to using a 3.5" for a little bit of a smaller form factor. This is very much a work in progress of the top section. as can be seen from the large gaps between sections. Hoping to get to a point where...
  10. Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    Ok update on GC Joy-cons I was going to use @Shank design for the joycons for the remaster, but no offense to his work, this project is a nightmare. the left joycon is coming along nicely enough, the right joycon is hell, this is down to the joycon board being a pain in the ass size and shape...
  11. Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    Update! GC Joycons Now with 20% more progress Shell is cut (needs some trimm/sanding) Initial soldering tests worked well. And Custom buttons for +,-, Home, and Capture buttons. unfortunately still waiting on the thumbsticks, but i've also ordered metal thumbstick caps in the OG GC style, so...
  12. Worklog Advents Project Emporium

    Update! The Screen bezel and back of the WiiSPii have been re printed, and the WiiSPii now has a nickname "StrawbWii & Cream" due to the colour scheme reminding me of the strawberry and cream lollies. Also initial soldering tests on the GCjoy-con were a great success. i have the directional...
  13. N64 Portable - Tanuki

    Tanuki My goals for the Tanuki will be to make a portable that is comfortable, good to look at and most importantly functional. This is my first N64 portable. Partly inspired by many other portables, and includes design ideas I have thought of in the past. Im hoping to get this finished...
  14. N64SP v2 by Gman

    Can i just say Dammmmmmn! That looks amazing. Now i want to build one. Although maybe after i finish some projects. Love the colour though.