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Jul 9, 2017
So I am the worst kind of project person. I come up some crazy idea and then start collecting the pieces for it and never actually follow through or only partially finish a project.

I want to know if anybody here is like that and what projects they have sitting on a shelf waiting to be finished.

Here are mine:
1x Arcade cabinet - side by side table top. Built the cabinet about 10 years ago, have all the parts just could never get the front end to run with Windows 2000. Retropie should fix that if I will run an old I-pac.
1x Custom wii zapper. I want to shove a wiimote in an airsoft 1911 and add recoil from a time crisis game
1x Sega Genesis model 1 to replace pin connector, part is impossible to find
1x Sega Cd to repair - probably a blown fuse
2x Sega game gears waiting to be recapped. Keep one stock, mod the other as far as I can
1x Wii, launch day. Needs a USB HDD .
1x antique vacuum tube amplifier. I want to put it under plexi to let it show in all its glory.
1x Xbox 360 in pieces, ready for any mod I want
1x Original Xbox needs new disc drive, will add huge HDD when I can
1x Raspberry pi, I want to shove it in a gamepad case and make a 16 bit portable.
1x Raspberry pi w/ monitor, something I can put in my wood shop and not worry about it. Because sometimes the internet is needed for woodwork.
4x computers waiting for an OS
2x PS3 hardware reverse compatible, one with a dead PSU, other a dead fan.
and countless carts to restore.

And this is only my gaming related stuff.
Jun 7, 2016
New Mexico
Yes. Dear God, yes. I operate exactly the same way with regard to projects. Here's a short list of semi-finished and/or half-canceled projects:

At least 4 Raspi Retropie portables in various form factors:
-Raspi zero in tiny plastic case
-Raspi 3 in ps vita
-Raspi in diy clamshell using DS lite parts
-Raspi in modded TI graphing calculator case
Mini laptop RasPi project. Using a laptop keyboard and an MCU interface. Tablet lipos for slim batteries.
Wii portable. On hold because I am taking a break from Wii. Poor planning led to frying numerous motherboards when I didn't tape off the chips prior to trimming.
N64 portable. I have basically everything I need, but stupid, stupid mistakes have led to two fried mobos and another project put on pause.
Innumerable electroshock weapon projects. Some flash capacitor bank-based, some pulse transformer based, some ignition coil based, and some flyback based.
Arcade portable. RasPi based (surprise!) Neo Geo buttons and mini arcade joystick.
Vintage Chinese Pong ripoff modding. I want to attach a light gun to play a hidden light gun game.
Dreamcast portable. Latest and current project/money drain. In progress.


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Mar 2, 2016
Portable gamecube, it's basically done but needs to be put in a case. Been sitting for years
Some 3ds mods, never ended up figuring out what I wanted to know to get it working
A 5x5x5 RGB led cube, everything except the LEDs were wired, as I was working on the led matrix I bent a sheet of 25 out of alignment and never redid it
A pair of bluetooth headphones, I took some wired headphones and put a bluetooth module in them, but I never put a charging port on it so you have to take the thing apart to charge it...
I'm sure if I look around I could find some other projects
Apr 29, 2017
Here is my list:

Wii U portable
A sort of J.A.M.M.A. styled arcade (Basically a media center (but better))
SNES classic mini in a gameboy advance

On the shelf

N64 - planning a portable
Wii - planning a switch styled one
RPi3 - planning out a game player
Gamecube - for a future portable
NES - DMG styled.
Plug-n-plays - I need a plug n' play player like LovableChevey's and Bacteria's (I have a bit)
Game gear - really don't know whether to consolize or mod it.
PS2, PS3 and XBOX - ?

It's interesting to know i'm not the only one one has a "waiting" shelf.
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Mar 18, 2017
The Mitten
Dude, just start with one and go with it. If you are planning these many projects, you will never finish any of them. Just pick one and go for it.


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Dec 16, 2016
The Oregon Wildlands
Dude, just start with one and go with it. If you are planning these many projects, you will never finish any of them. Just pick one and go for it.
It's not that simple...


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Nov 10, 2016
Plug-n-play console (WIP)
Game Gear re-cap and LED mod
Retropie portable
Wii portable
N64 portable (or possibly overhaul my first one)
Portablize or re-consolize the NES and SNES portions of my (partially) dead Retron 3
Jan 13, 2017

Wii portable. Slowly working on modifying my GCA SP case files for it.

A Raspberry Pi Zero W stuffed into a Dreamcast VMU shell for a very tiny Gameboy/NES. Limited buttons I know, but this will also (in theory) dock into the controller making all of those buttons available, expanding the number of systems it can emulate. As well as adding extra batteries, external speakers, and whatever else that can reasonably fit. This requires me to learn how to use software that designs custom pcbs (one for the VMU, and another for the controller) so this is is still a ways out.

A Pi Zero W stuffed into a GBA SP shell, attempting to keep everything looking as stock as possible. Again, this one will require me to learn pcb making software so this one too is a ways out.

P.S. If anyone takes my ideas and designs these pcbs (especially the Dreamcast ones) feel free to give me one on the house and we'll call it even. :)


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Feb 17, 2016
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These kind of threads are always my jam since I get halfway on a project and never finish it. :sstrigger:

In no particular order:

1. Finish my "Super" Nintendo SNES in an NES project. Need to print a new cart slot structure support to add an additional spot for small friction hinges. Add in a clicky tact or something on the bottom to simulate the click when you push it down, and fix the LED. I've had this at MGC a couple of times and it's strange how nobody ever really notices what is happening here, but I still like it.

2. Companion (Game) Cube. A gamecube recased into a companion cube.This one doesn't really make much sense anymore as I'd probably use a Wii ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. Pigrrl Zero Portable. Not necessarily a Pigrrl anymore since everything is always OOS on Adafruit but I finally got all the parts. Next up is the step-up regulator and then finish the remixed case and print it. This is actually the most fun I've had with a project even though I got fucked over on parts pretty much every step of the way. This is the project I'd like to finish first.

4. Contest Pi Mini Arcade. More interested in the pigrrl portable I'm making so idk what will happen with this. Eventually I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. Portable PlaystationTV. Gonna be a jerkass and make a Portable PSTV instead of getting a Vita, mainly because they are still over $150 (unacceptable for a dead console) and the PSTV cost me like $25. I'll more than likely make a dock for it so I can still use it as normal. Not sure if I'm going to go 5" or 7" screen size yet.


7. DS-GBA Macros. I have about 4 of these WIP with several more untouched/waiting for hacks, both DS Phats and Lites. I'm trying to do something different everytime on them. Pretty enjoyable and fairly easy projects so they are nice to do when you are feeling frustrated from other projects.

8. The Crossplane Case. I has it, not sure what to do with it yet, Maybe #5?

9. The 80's NESTop project. A project from a while ago that was supposed to look like the old TV I used to play NES on growing up. I hate this project now and I'm not really happy with it lol. Every once in a while I think of something to make me not hate it so much but I dunno. This one will take a while.

10. Nomad Jr. A portable project from an old GN Twin clone system. Almost done, actually. Case is 3D printed and (hastily) acetone goop'd together, just gonna fit internals and such. Trying to figure out how to fit everything together and still be able to take it apart.

11. Nomad Jr. Jr. Another Pi Zero Portable shaped like a tiny Nomad, smaller than the Jr. of course. Will only put Sega stuff on there; SG-1000, SMS, Gamegear, Genesis, Sega CD (hopefully).

12. Nomad XL. Made from a Genesis 1 or 2, have parts from both.

13. Nomad Mods: Player One controller connector, S-Video out, new LCD and battery. Been doing battery and LCD mods for a while but want to make an ultimate modded Nomad.

14. Nomad Slim. With all the above Nomad Mods and etc I'm almost positive you can run the Nomad with just the bottom board and the top daughter board Negated. There's a lot of components on there but that's probably just to run the crappy screen. Haven't really had time to look into this but if it could be done there's a slight possibility of a 32x portable, as if you could find enough batteries to run it ayy lmao.

15. SNES Portable recasing of a FC16 GO. Apparently you can negate the giant controller board somehow but all the info is imageshack'd photobucket'd. Toast and Samjc had all the info on MR so IDK how to get a hold of any of that information.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

16. Fix up an OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD NESp. Started this in 08ish, made from a Radioshack project box and used the Tighe NESP as a guide. It worked at one point but the controls were ass and too floaty. Might class it up a bit just because it's open and in pieces on my desk lol.

17. Recase PSP 1001. Bought a dank clear yellow PSP casse but destoryed the LCD connection on the PSP motherboard (oops). Have another broken PSP so might try to use that one if I can fix it (they sent me the wrong one and this one randomly shuts off, no mods done to it) or just trace back the LCD connector if possible.

18. ASAPnes. Been trying to built this at an MGC Friday pre-show from start to finish but something else always takes priority or we just don't feel like it lol. Will be a standard NOAC cased in a modem box painted NES colors and running AA's most likely. We'll see what happens next year or at any of the BB meetups if my shit health doesn't stop me from attending.

19. NOACp. I have a lot of super joy NOAC's I should do something with so I have an old gameboy-ish design I need to fix up (Printing in pieces, also never added screwposts) Having to remove the 60 pin and solder on the 72 is what is keeping me from doing this project lol.

20. Consolized Gamegear. Not sure what I want to do with this besides having a diorama section on the front for sega related 3D prints. Shipping from Australia for the TV Out board is holding me back too, even though I've been trying to buy it for at least 7 years and it would have been here over a million times already.

Probably something I forgot but this is surely more an enough. I need an intern or something.