The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide 6-layer Expansion


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Jan 28, 2016
The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide
6-layer Expansion


This guide expansion is designed to be used in conjunction with The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide. Basic understanding of what is involved in standard Wii trimming is required in order to effectively use this guide.
The information contained within is designed ONLY for 6 layer boards, specified as revision 30 or lower. More information on determining revision can be found here.

NOTE: This guide does not support Wifi, SD cards, GC memory cards or the disc drive.


Designated trim

This guide expansion has been designed around one specific trim. The 6-layer board revisions are more unique compared to the 4-layer boards, as there are more noticeable differences between revisions. There are also more undocumented components with unknown functions present on earlier revisions, and the pictured board within this guide may look different from yours. Despite this, certain constants were established during research, and a singular catch-all trim similar to the OMGWTF was decided upon. To keep with tradition, but to also provide a way to differentiate between the two trims, the designated trim will be referred to as the Original Model 6-layer trim, or OM6.

General notes

  • The color coding from "The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide" has been preserved as best as possible: however some colors were tweaked in the new guide to help distinguish different connections that previously shared the same colors. However the numbering scheme has been preserved entirely, as it matches the on-board numbering schemes.
  • Bluetooth can be relocated to vias, rather than requiring solder mask to be scratched. This means 6-layer boards are more suitable for beginners.
  • The U10 to U5 relocation spot remains available on all Wii revisions.
  • The RA1 array of 750 ohm pull-up resistors is removed in this trim. They are normally present on the GC controller data lines, but are not required for controllers to work unless running GC+ in safe mode. In this case, solder a 1k resistor between "+" and "D" on the GC+ board to restore functionality.
  • 34 gauge magnet wire is highly recommended for wiring to vias.
@ShockSlayer - tracing everything out, making the images, writing this guide, testing everything
@megalomaniac - testing the first 6-layer trims, discovering watermelonium
@Aurelio - NoWiFi IOSes, removing the need to trace wifi relocation spots
@Shank - providing board scans, and additional testing boards

04-25-17 - Corrected bluetooth vias being backwards. No idea how this went unnoticed for so long. Thanks Gman! -SS
07-05-22 - Cleaned up BB code tags rendering on post, restored header formatting, fixed weird newline spacing in credits/changelog - CrashBash
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