G-Boy No Longer Boots/Black Screen and Does Not Appear to Charge

Feb 18, 2021
Update: The screen is working and I got the G-Boy to boot again, but only while on battery power. Plugging in a USB cable causes it to shut down and it still does not seem to charge.
The G-Boy was my first major modding project and I managed to finish it this past weekend. It was working fine for a couple of days until it started to randomly shut off/reset.​
When I opened it up, I saw that the wire connecting to the SCL pad on the PMS had come loose. After I reattached it, I tried turning it on and the fans would spin up, the screen would quickly flash white, but then go dark again. The G-Boy does not appear to get to the BBLoader boot up sequence, and, despite the brief screen activity, I cannot get anything to appear on the screen, even with the display controls connected.​
Additionally, it appears that the G-Boy will also no longer charge. When plugging it in, the LED will light up, but it will be very faint compared to when it used to charge or when it is normally on. I am, however, still able to access the USB stick through the G-Boy.​
I have been looking over the internals and no other wires appear to be loose (even with my bad soldering). I am at a loss as to what could be wrong. My only guess is that the loose SCL wire might have touched something else inside.​
I do have a small multimeter at the house, but I am not very familiar with using one and would not really know what to check.​


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