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Oct 27, 2016
Hey guys! I've had this project in mind for quite some time, and finally got around to doing it. A while back, I discovered that the black jewel on top of the 001 model Gamecube is actually two pieces of plastic glued together. After separating them, I had the idea to replace the "Nintendo GameCube" logo with a custom image.


This is a pretty simple mod that should take a few hours to compete. After finishing, you can easily place any image you want on top of your GameCube in just a few short minutes.

You will need:
-DOL001 Gamecube
-Access to a printer
-Black electrical tape (or similar)
-Plastic polish

-Dremel for a quicker result

Step 1: Separate the layers.


The 001 model GameCube has a plastic jewel on top that can be easily removed using the two black clips under the disc lid. (If you have the other kind of GameCube, this won't work).


After removing the jewel, you'll need to separate it into two pieces. The best way I found is to use a wide flat prying tool to slowly pry it open while blowing hot air on it using a hair dryer on high.

Step 2: Sand


After separating the layers from each other, you'll have to remove any sticky residue from the clear plastic side. It helps to use the hair dryer some more to help scrape off as much as you can. After this, it's time to sand it down.


I used a dremel to get the last of the sticky layer off, then used 300 grit sandpaper to sand off the black paint and Nintendo logo. Once there's no more paint, go over it again with increasingly higher levels of sandpaper until it's smooth and not scratched.


After this, use some plastic polish (this can be found at Wal-Mart under automotive) to smooth over the plastic even further. I went over mine quite a few times using a dremel on low with a cotton buffing attachment. The polish will really give it a clear and finished look, getting rid of the last few microscopic scratches in the plastic.

Step 3: The Image

Next, you'll have to choose the image you want to put on your Gamecube. I just placed the image into Word at 105% zoom (so that it was real life size) to view it. After making sure it will fit and look nice inside your plastic circle, you can print it out. You may want to experiment a bit with prints to get the best one for you. Different paper and print settings may affect the quality of the image. Just don't forget that really thick paper might not fit correctly.


Take your printed image and place the plastic circle on it. Using a pen, trace around the outside of the plastic (don't forget that lip!), then cut out your image. Now you have your image, the glass piece it goes behind, and the black plastic backing.

Step 4: Assembly


There is no need to glue the pieces together as they should actually fit just fine on their own. Start by assembling the jewel. Using a small piece of black electrical tape (or something similar), tape the edge opposite the lip together. The goal is to make it so that the tape isn't visible from above, and doesn't interfere with the clips underneath the jewel.

Now you're all set! You can remove and replace the jewel at will. If you get bored of your Gamecube's image, you can print out a new one and easily replace it. Simply pop the jewel back out, place the new image in, and replace the jewel.

You're all welcome to use this technique in any way you want. However, I do ask that if you post your mod somewhere that you credit the guide so that others can do it too :)

Edit: Just after throwing this guide together, I decided to look around and see if anyone else had done it, and I found out SegaStation on YouTube had the same idea a while ago. So I'm not the first sadly lol. We did do a couple things different though so it's definitely worth checking out his video too :)

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Jan 16, 2016
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Finally a use for those cotton thingys I have 20 of in my dremel bit drawer.