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    I recently picked up a Playstation Classic and fell in love with the tiny case. I checked out the ps1 motherboard and decided that it would be difficult to fit without some serious rewiring, so I deliberated between the PSP and the ps2 since an advanced trim ps2 motherboard would fit.


    However, today I picked up a psOne console, and am happy to report that I think it will fit with a little Bitbuilt portablizing magic. Not only that, but the psOne can be modded to run backup games of CD-Rs, which means that it can almost certainly play mini CD-R. I could have a fully functional playstation classic complete with a working disc drive.
    There are a couple limitations to this. Mini CDs can hold 210MB, which is enough for some games but not others. Fortunately, it is possible to shrink larger games by removing cutscenes and/or music, so even larger games are probably still playable with a small sacrifice. There is the possibility that the psOne can read DVDs, in which case all games would fit on discs, but the likelihood is very slim.

    Edit 11/12/19 - the psOne cannot read DVDs, and shrunken games only work on PSP, not mini cds. However, the psone can still play mini cds for games that are small enough.


    Goals for this project:
    -Working disc tray
    -Functional controller ports (2 custom controllers using USB 3.0 ports)
    -Latching power button
    -Functional Open button
    -Preserve the look of the shell as much as possible

    1) Mod psOne
    2) Check mini-Cd and mini-DVD compatibility
    3) Remove ports and trim motherboard
    4) Replace ports with smaller ones
    5) Mod shell for functional disc tray
    6) Close her up
    7) Bring it to MGC 2020
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    holy shit can't wait to see this. good luck
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    Try and see if you can find the last version of the PSone - that has a different main PCB with a PM41 (2) designation - from the point of view of cutting down the board, the main change is that the SPU RAM (which is IC310 on the board you have) has been moved into the CD/SPU chip (IC732), which may enable you to chop more off the left side of the board without breaking anything.

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