1. havocb

    Question A few questions on wiring the U-Amp

    Hey everyone, while I am broke to high hell and waiting to order the last of supplies in order to start with this build, I am making a diagram to reference/familiarize myself with as to make life a bit easier when wiring time comes. I've been reading until my eyes bleed and understand most of...
  2. Timo43

    Question Noob here, looking for some forums that can get me started on wii portables.

    Hey! So I checked out the wii trimming guide and have a general idea of how to make a wii portable (looked at a work log) but some forums about the specifics of certain parts of the process (mainly wiring and where everything connects to) would be useful as I have very little electronic...
  3. FreedomCookie

    Question Help wiring switching audio

    I think I know how to do this, but I just wanna make sure before I go ahead and start. I'm planning on wiring in a headphone/amp switching circuit to my handheld (a unit running RetroPie), which is on a Raspberry Pi B+. Using this TRS jack as an example, I'm pretty sure I need to wire Terminal...
  4. ThePuffpuff30

    Question Wiring the disk drive to the GC motherboard?

    I know that Wii portables are superior in almost every way, but I already have a GameCube I wanted to portablize. I'm relatively new to hardware modding, but have succeeded in wiring video and audio to the GameCube motherboard. The two things that are still very confusing for me (and I have put...