Question Creating a consolized switch, my first attempt results and help needed.

Jun 19, 2019
Hey peeps, so I recently went back to a project I had shelved that was almost complete, but suffered a technical issue I couldn't easily bypass so I gave up, sadly after looking back at it, I realised the switch mobo is damaged from storage and cant really be saved, so I am going to start fresh and I wanted some advice on the few key issues I had with the build originally.

So obviously the idea was to consolize a switch, I was building it into a gamecube with working controller ports (using a usb to gamecube adaptor ) and buttons for power, power led etc, I largely succeeded but had a few issues.

1: I wanted the ability to boot CFW for emulators and such and at the time, use SXOS to load games from a HDD for bulk storage (was also toying with the idea of an internal HDD for this purpose) however the way I achieved this ( using a trinket M0 soldered to the board and an RCM strap + wiring volume up to the gamecube shell reset button) was troublesome and eventually stopped booting, and without a switch screen, I couldn't troubleshoot the issue, if I do the project again, ill go with atmosphere for the CFW due to SX being dead, does anyone know a way to make hekate display via HDMI? control shouldn't be an issue as they added joycon support and im sure a simple config change will allow usb controllers (aka the gamecube ports) to work for this, plus auto loading configs are easy, but without display, I kind of hit a wall very quickly

2: the switch needs an internal battery to boot, is there anyway to bypass this? it causes the whole thing to boot when the button is clicked, even when unplugged and makes the unit take a while to boot back up if the internal battery goes flat, I played with the idea of feeding power to the battery pins, but this would require 2 power sources for the project to function (one for dock, one for switch) and that's messy

3: extending the gamecard slot and SD card slot: I sadly had to omit the GC slot the first time, due to rewiring it being a lengthy task and adaptors not existing for such a task, so suggestions here or wiring diagrams would be great, my original plan was to mount it in the slot 1 for the memory card, slot 2 I didn't quite have an idea for and still don't, maybe the SD card? As for extenders for the sd card slot, this worked brilliantly in OFW but in CFW it would never boot SX, and again without a screen I could not troubleshoot, I tried many different extenders and even wired my own using a second official sd slot for a switch and matching wire for wire, no change. I have no idea if this will be the same result with atmosphere so I may have to tinker with that before I dismantle and install inside the GameCube, but ideas are welcome.

these are the largest concerns with the project keeping it from being perfect IMO, sorry for the lack of photos but the original attempt was over a year ago so I am not sure where they are, but if I find them ill update the post.

Thanks peeps!