1. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    I'm a little late to start my worklog, but I hope to actually finish my entry this year! I'm building something I've been wanting to build for a long time: a Gameboy Advance shaped Wii portable. My main idea here is to try and keep both the size and the shape accurate to the original GBA without...
  2. YveltalGriffin

    Ghosts UltraWii Revitalized

    Well, the time has come to post my 2018 summer contest entry worklog. This bad boy has been in the works for a while. Here's the long list of sexy features: - OMEGA-trimmed RVK mobo (maybe just "near-OMEGA," we'll see what the case wants) - Polycase SL-53 case, making this one of the smallest...
  3. Luca

    Worklog Luwiigi Portable Worklog!

    Hey everyone! In this worklog, I'm going to present my work on a followup to my Wii laptop. I had some major issues with that portable that want to fix in this version. They include: External USB ports, Internal controls, a proper screen, good battery life, reduced size and a custom case...
  4. GingerOfOz

    Worklog Waker of the Wiind - Ginger's Second Wii Portable

    The WaluWiigi is just about finished at this point, so I figure It's time to show off my ideas for my next portable. Apologies for the essay y’all are about to read (or not) but condensing 4 months worth of brainstorming into something brief is kinda tricky. As you may have guessed by the...
  5. Matthew

    Worklog Read it and wiip.

    The hype.
  6. RBeaR7

    Question Is this battery good for Wii/GCp?

    I was searching for batteries the other day, I came upon these http://r.ebay.com/zwYhYH. Will 4800mah be sufficient? Thanks in advance! :)
  7. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's First Wii Portable (Wii S Lite)

    This is probably going to be a pretty slow worklog since I'm still waiting on parts, but I can at least document what I have so far. Things I want it to have: 3ds sliders / ds buttons Stereo audio with a headphone jack and volume control Moderately decent battery life (at least 2 li ion cells)...