1. stonedDiscord

    Board scan SNES PCB

    Hi! I got tired of the bad SNES schematics floating around online. So I made my own, but this time they are open-source and I traced the board to verify them (spoiler: they were wrong in multiple places) They are for the PAL 2CHIP rev5 The source is at...
  2. YveltalGriffin

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] αSNES

    αSNES (alphaSNES): A modern, zero-compromise, single-PCB Super Nintendo Entertainment System portable. Why? After getting I2S audio from the SNES in 2020, I thought it would be a shame to build a SNESp with digital audio, yet settle for composite video, a hand-wired cartridge slot, and all the...
  3. MJMT

    Solved SNES support RVloader

    I saw a tab in the RVloader that looked like an SNES controller. Does that mean it supports SNES games? If so, what folder do they go in and what format should the ROMs be in?
  4. Wesk

    Model SNES 102 OEM Controller Scan

    SNES 102 OEM Controller Scan Contains: SNES 102 Controller Front SNES 102 Controller Back Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts of the object then the scan will...
  5. Wesk

    Model SNES 005 OEM Controller Scan

    SNES 005 OEM Controller Scan Contains: SNES Controller Front SNES Controller Back SNES Controller Trigger Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts...
  6. YveltalGriffin

    Board scan SNES Jr. (SNN-CPU-01) Scans

    The PCB Strip Club didn't have any SNES Jr. scans, so I sanded one and scanned at 2400DPI. These were made as a quick and dirty reference tool for a SNES project I'm working on, so no fancy layered files here, just the bare 150MP TIFs. :D Link to GDrive folder with scans. 20MB PNGs are...
  7. Ibprofen98

    Question SNES heat sinks and such

    I am just curious if anyone on here has knowledge in this area. I am back to work on my SNES portable. The two questions I have are: 1. Can I just use the 7805 step down regulator if I put a proper heat sink on it or will it get too hot? 2. I am not planning on including any kind of fan, and...
  8. Diminuendo

    Worklog Haven't done a project in a while... SNES bluetooth controller Hori digital pad mod.

    I love my official SNES bluetooth controller for the switch and have enjoyed my various Knights - Hollow and Shovel - with it. Though, I can't help but find the lack of grips uncomfortable. Thankfully, Hori came up with a solution in the GameCube era; a SNES style controller with a more...
  9. Ibprofen98

    NES and SNES Classics for portables?

    I just now stumbled across Nintendo's official NES and SNES classics, miniature versions of the original consoles. They work by emulation and have a library of games (30 on the NES, 20 on the SNES). This is old news now, I realize that, but I do not see anybody has posted anything about the...
  10. Ibprofen98

    Worklog IBP's SNES Portable

    So I completed my first portable project back in 2015 after 4 years of not knowing what I was doing and finally figuring things out, and I started this in 2014 as part of a competition on the Bacman forums but ran in to major case issues. I'll post a bunch of pictures here of my progress and...
  11. YveltalGriffin

    Guide Disabling the SNES lockout chip

    ALL COPYRIGHTS GO TO KYO. This guide is being mirrored from the Console Modding Site because is down, and I feel like the guides it has are very valuable. The guides are lifted from the WaybackMachine Internet Archive, and edited for grammar. Disabling the SNES lockout chip In this...