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    I am just curious if anyone on here has knowledge in this area. I am back to work on my SNES portable. The two questions I have are:

    1. Can I just use the 7805 step down regulator if I put a proper heat sink on it or will it get too hot?

    2. I am not planning on including any kind of fan, and my case will provide plenty of air space, not packed too tight, but what kind of heat sinks should I get and what chips do I need to put them on to ensure I don't have any overheating going on?

    Thanks. :D
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    If you feed the 7805 with a voltage a bit above it's minimum cutoff you won't waste too much power as heat, so that plus a small heatsink would do the trick.

    There should be some kind of heatsink already in the system, that touches all the chips that need to be cooled, so you can use that to see what to keep cooled. For how much cooling, put something on and see if it gets too hot, you could probably get away with the smaller heatsinks that you could just glue down with thermal epoxy or something similar

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