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  1. Cerenar

    Gamecube Mechanical Keyboard Controller

    After seeing some of these elsewhere online, I decided that I wanted to dip my toes into modding a little bit and make one for myself. Using the ASCII keyboard controller released in tandem with Phantasy Star Online in 2002 gave me a pretty solid starting line. The keyboard is a DROP + OLKB...
  2. Frogfreak

    Question Where do i solder on GC motherboard?

    I'm sure these questions have been answered many times before. but i'm planning on making a handheld Gamecube, so obviously i need to solder some extras onto the motherboard. So i was wondering, what and where do i need to solder for connecting a Battery, and a screen (specifically a Wii-u...
  3. Jonut521

    Discussion GameCube Portable: Add Battery Voltage

    (Sorry to remove all context from this thread but coming back to this forum, to put it simply... I'm embarrassed to leave such a stupid question up, especially with the backlash it got. Start fresh and all that).
  4. Question Where Can I Get a Portable Gamecube (or Wii)

    Essentially I’m asking exactly what the title says. I really want a Portable Gamecube or Wii, and I don’t know where to get one. Would someone sell one to me? Is there a place or person to buy one from? I want one that has battery life (doesn’t need to be plugged in to play), and I don’t care...
  5. Tech Flare

    Solved How do I load Gamecube Games from an SD card?

    okay so I've been researching how to load Gamecube games from an SD card onto a Gamecube so I can get rid of the bulky DVD drive, but wiikey fusions, wasp fusions, and wode jukeboxes are no longer being sold! Also I bought a Xeno GC Mod Chip, but turns out you still need the DVD drive with a...
  6. Madmorda

    Guide Xeno GC Modchip Installation Guide

    There is a lot of information out there about these Gamecube modchips, but a lot of it is incorrect. Hopefully this guide will clear some of that up. What is a Xeno GC? This modchip is a tiny chip designed to go inside a Gamecube console to allow it to read burned copies of games. It is...