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battery pack

  1. AniMike

    Question Could this be a good battery?

    So I was looking for batteries for my wii portable and I thought, why couldn't I just use the battery from a wii u or some shit, so I found this battery on Amazon that is a supposedly enhanced Wii U battery, so can any of you pros let me know if this is a suitable battery for a portable wii...
  2. medic3k

    Question questions regarding Power Consumption & charging

    starting work on a portable Wii, last time I was active modding in Wii was a decade ago, 4.2U. Never dabbled in portablizing or board trims, so this is all really cool exciting stuff to me, but I'm not sure on best practices for power control. I have an OLD wii (-01 motherboard, I still have...
  3. Daquantrius Johnson

    Question Nooby question

    Yo wuss poppin. For my portable gc, I made a 14.8v. Battery pack with those amazing ncr18650 batteries (cancelled because wii is infinitely better) I used a tenergy smart charger and their 32010 protection circuit for a 14.8v pack. Now that I need to use a custom regulator, I want to make a...
  4. Reilly

    Question Portable Wii Battery?

    I am completely inexperienced working with batteries and making them, I want to be as cheap as possible with my Wii Portable build, and have a relatively small battery pack. If someone who knows more about this could help me out, It'd be very appreciated. What I need to know: What's the most...