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    Question just about there

    For power regulation and USB-power (and battery protection, and low battery indicator, and power button) you'll want to search the forums for a thing called the Wii Power Management System or PMS. It's not currently in stock in the BitBuilt store, but it will be soon. I also recommend taking...
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    Worklog D_Crepp's Wii Micro

    Don't use a hair dryer. It might actually be easier to ADD solder, so that you can more easily keep all the solder points warm while switching between them with your iron. Don't push/pull hard on the U10 or else you'll break it or lift pads. Be very gentle. Just look around the forums or on...
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    Ghosts UltraWii Revitalized

    Well since the shipping time for the PD035VX2 is like 3-5 years, I'll just wait for the IPS instead. Thanks!
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    Ghosts UltraWii Revitalized

    That 3.5" 640x480 is hot. I'm ordering a PD035VX2 as I type.
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    Solved Questions before Wii Portable

    The trimming guide has a section for USB and what gets wired to where. As for VGA, that's just how VGA works. There are 5 active signals: R, G, B, Hsync, Vsync. You can look up more details and how a...
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    Worklog Not the "Game Giir"

    Ooh! I wasn't sure if such a screen existed, since so many Chinese screens are listed as 480p but aren't really. This one at least has a datasheet saying it is. Thanks!
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    Worklog Not the "Game Giir"

    Alright! The holidays were bananas and there's a tiny human in my house that doesn't go to bed until late, but I've been managing to spend at least a little time on my portable every day, so it's moving slowly toward completion. So slow. After going back and forth about what to do about buttons...
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    Worklog Not the "Game Giir"

    Hi all, I want a portable Wii, and it's finally time to make one. It’s going to go painfully slow, just like all my other projects. I’ve been casually collecting the stuff I need, and reading y’all’s worklogs for a long time now, and I need to get started before too much of this stuff is...
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    Miinx (Wii Portable in an Atari Lynx)

    Incredible. I would never have thought of that volume control, and now I'm probably going to steal it lol.
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    Worklog Game Boy Slim

    I wanted to wrap this up before the baby came, but baby came early and halted work for a while :D I got all the buttons working except UP, which did nothing at all, no matter what I did. That's the kind of thing that makes me want to throw the whole thing in the trash. I didn't want to have to...
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    Question What are some quick and cost effective ways to get things 3D-Printed?

    Yeah, there are places who can do quality prints and ship them to you, like Shapeways. Do a Google search for "3d printing services" to find lots, possibly including local places you didn't know about. If you're on reddit, there's r/3dprintmything, where you can have a stranger print it for you...
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    Worklog Virtual GearBoy

    Hold up, a button for changing game colors? Will this be a raspberry pi build or an actual VB?
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    Miinx (Wii Portable in an Atari Lynx)

    Super cool! I love the Lynx 2, it's big for what it is, but I always thought it would make a neat shell for a portable console.
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    Question Super Game Boy... Portable?

    In 2016(?) there was a modding contest on the Gameboy subreddit, and one guy tried to make a Super Game Boy with a screen and controls, so that you could play games on it, but then also pop it into a SNES and play it that way too. He never finished it, but he got a few things working, like the...
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    Worklog Virtual GearBoy

    PlanetVB will flip out over this. Myself included.