Worklog Wiisconsin v2, title pending.

May 18, 2016
Hey Bitbuilt, long time no post. With this new bitbuilt summer contest rolling around, I would like to apply what I learned with my last portable, and apply it to a new portable. Not only have I not started it yet, I haven't done more than draw pictures in a notebook on my lunch break last summer. But time crunches and efficiency are part of the engineering way, am I right?

My goals for this project:

-Design some pcbs. Because I'm on a time crunch, these will probably not be as interesting as I would like but would probably be a good learning opportunity.
-No controller flanks. I loved the way they felt on my last portable, but they ended up being unreliable as far as the functionality. I would like to hone my skills more before I attempt something of that nature again.
-Make it smaller. I seemed to have forgotten the portable part of my last portable, so size will be a very large factor in my contest entry this year. This will likely mean smaller battery array, less features, etc.
-Docking system. I haven't seen it entirely implemented in too many portables, and I think it would be a cool feature to differentiate mine.
-Better wiring. Dear lord better wiring.
-Modular design. I was dumb with the spacing of the components in my last portable, and it made it near impossible to assemble certain parts of it.

All in 3 months. No problem.

Also, i'll be keeping you folks updated on this more.