Thoughts on integrating the Retrotink 2x in N64 portable

Sep 17, 2019
Hi all, in case you're unaware of what the retrotink 2x is, it is a relatively cheap 240p line doubler that accepts component, svideo and composite and outputs 480p over mini hdmi with under 1ms input lag added. It also offers a "smoothing toggle feature" which could be beneficial for some n64 games depending in my opinion.

I've ordered most of the parts for my portable, however I'm debating if integrating this using svideo and passing that as 480p to the screen I've ordered would be a good idea or not over just using composite. It is a 800x480 tft screen that accepts hdmi/vga/composite. I'm planning on preserving the controller ports in my build, just in case size was a concern.

I would love to know your thoughts on possible integrating this or not.

link to the product in case you wanted to check it out:
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