Worklog The Game Pi Noobi

Oct 22, 2021
So, this is my first worklog on here. I'm trying to create a handheld emulator for all of the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games I never got to play, as they were before my time.

The goal here is to design a handheld with little to no help from guides or the like. The only thing I'll do to help myself is to look up how to do something such as coding, or if I want to know if something is possible. I know this won't be a ground breaking feat, however I felt that this would be the best way to 'rip off the band-aid' per say and kick off into portable design. Hence the name "Noobi"

Planned Features:
  • Pi Zero for the main computer
  • 3D printed models of my own design, including housing and button caps
  • 2.5" 4:3 Composite Screen
  • A safe shutdown button to prevent corruption risk
  • A hard power off switch for power conservation
  • A speaker and headphone jack
  • An internal USB to protect save data in case of corruption

Battle Plan
  • Get Retropie up and running on my Pi Zero
  • Implement a dedicated on/off button
  • Add analog audio output
  • Add a control pad
  • Connect everything to verify it works
  • Desolder and/or relocate connectors and buttons from the boards to slim them down
  • Designing a case and closing it up

So far, I've gotten Retropie running on my Pi Zero, added a safe shutdown button, and added analog audio through the GPIO pins.
The next thing is to implement a gamepad. Since the Zero only has one data USB port, I intend on also utilizing the GPIO pins for the 10 buttons of the control pad. Including a D-Pad, and 6 action buttons (A, B, L, R, Start, Select). I'm going to be using squishy tacts for the D-Pad, as well as the A and B button, and clicky tacts for the rest.