Switching of Data Signals

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    Hello Bitbuilt. It has been a while since I have created a new thread. This is a problem I seem to be facing that i just cannot seem to get past.

    I am trying to switch signals between two sources, mainly video, audio, and usb data lines. I already have it worked out so that when I flip a switch, only one source will be on at a time. 20180607_145701.jpg

    This is a drawing of what my signals look like. Let's say that source 1 is the one that is on. It will be outputting these signals. My problem is that I do not want the signal to go into the other source and possible damage the components.

    At first, I thought I could use a diode so that the signal could only flow one way which sounded great at first. But then I learned that there is a 0.2V - 0.7V drop across the diode and I think that might degrade the signals. (Please correct me if I am wrong on that). So that rules out that option.

    My next thought was using relays. It worked out great. Everything worked perfectly. The only problem with this was the fact that in order to switch all these signals, it would cost 40 dollars just for the relays. That seems like too much to spend when I know there has to be some other way out there.

    I have been doing some research on transistors to see if they would work. I have been researching transistors, but i am confused on how they work, even after a couple hours of researching.

    If anybody could help me out with wiring the transistors or using a completely different method that I have not heard about for switching the signals, that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Use multiplexers. Look at the Ti website, they have multiplexers made for all different kinds of signals.
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