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SOLD For Sale: The Gameboy Revolution

Apr 29, 2016
Hey guys! I've decided to sell my recently completed Portable Wii aptly named the Gameboy Revolution. You will find a list of features below. I am asking $650 shipped to the US only. I accept Paypal only. Feel free to PM me if interested.

Here's a video of it in action

3.5" Dalian Good Screen
480p Component Video Input converted to VGA
PortabilizeMii No Wifi (Duh)
Full range mini 254TA103B50A-ND Pot Thumbsticks
Single tact Modded L and R triggers
Mono Audio w/ stereo headphone output
Custom 7.4v lithium ion Battery Pack
Custom 3d Printed case (Designed by me and inspired by the DMG Gameboy)
Custom 3d Printed face buttons
Custom Designed Cooling Solution
Custome Designed Motherboard mounting system
128GB USB Thumbdrive

View attachment 5432
View attachment 5442
View attachment 5443
View attachment 5444
View attachment 5445

Now, here are some internal Pics.

This is the bottom half complete with screw posts for the Motherboard and heatsink mounting
View attachment 5433

This is the Top half with the screw posts for the controls and to hold the assembled case together.
View attachment 5446
View attachment 5434
View attachment 5435
View attachment 5436

Here's the first layer of the back half complete with Battery pack, heat sink, L and R triggers, Z Button, USB, Power switch, DC Charge port, volume, reset and sync buttons.
View attachment 5437
Wii Motherboard prepped and ready for installation.
View attachment 5438

Here's the top half with the Screen, Controls, Speaker, Amplifier and YPBPR to VGA adapter board installed.
View attachment 5440

Here's the bottom half with everything installed and mounted.
View attachment 5441

Finally, here are both halves fully assembled and ready to be closed up.
View attachment 5447
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