RV Loader Failed to initialize Fat FS!

Apr 22, 2023
Able to work on today. Think Directional buttons are sorted out. The rubber pad seems to need to sit just right. Since I'm still testing it, as long as the other buttons are working fine I'll focus on that when I think that is the last remaining things before I can put the two halves together completely.

I'm getting this error message now. Prior, everything with rv loader was loading fine until my previous issues with the directional buttons and black screen, now resolved. I was attempting to switch between themes during that time when I was going through settings. Nothing appeared to happened. So now sure if that is causing this.

I deleted the rv loader folder and put a fresh copy. Same issue. I entered safe mode and reinstalled rv loader. Still same issue. Has anyone seen this issue and or know what is causing it. I thought I was getting the defaults of rv loader when I reinstalled it at least.

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I got it working. Wesk pointed out the wiring or my card. I rechecked the wiring and was able to fix it. None issue now.
Jul 23, 2023
Estaba envolviendo mi portátil Ashida y recibí este mensaje cuando encendía
arriba Probé 2 tarjetas diferentes en tamaños de 256 y 128 gb con clúster de asignación fat32 y 32k
tamaños Puedo conectar el Ashida a mi computadora y reconoce y ve la unidad.
No estoy seguro de lo que me estoy perdiendo o pasando por alto.

¡Error al inicializar Fat Fs! ¿Está conectada una unidad ubs?

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[/CITA]Tenía el mismo problema, lo solucione usando una tarjeta SD con un adaptador para usb y fallado, por alguna razón los usb tienen problemas con la tarjeta SD funciona bien.
y me cuentas...