Worklog PiiS5 - Forget Custom PCBAs and advanced skills

Jan 27, 2023
3 Trims, 1 Portable, 2 Tabletop
Introducing the spoiled baby: The PiiS5

-Have you ever found yourself in trouble when creating your console and seeing that it doesn't look good next to the rest of your consoles or your setup?
-Don't have access to a 3D printer?
-Did you read this with a voice like the TV spots announcer?

I don't know if someone did this before, but this is a kind of idea that you can apply for improve your wii or your setup. Also works with NES mini / SNES mini / PS classic mini originals or clones

Goals for this console:
-Make a tabletop console (√)
-Forget using custom PCBS and advanced skills like programming or 3D print, just pure soldering skills and hardware modifying (√)
-Modify the case as less as possible (except by adding aditional ports), giving a fresh look to the console (√)
-Use the included button panel (√)
-Use the included controller ports as USB ports (√)- (Update)The console arrived with different connectors but will install USB ports on the same place
-Use 5V power through USB-C port (√)
-Have both AV (onboard) and HDMI (√) (through a Wii2HDMI adapter board) ports, being capable of select between both outputs
-Relocation of Bluetooth (√) and WiFi modules to make a full Wii compatible console
-Create a custom IR LED bar to make a full Wii compatible console (connected by USB-C or another tiny port)
- Add the capability of connect 3rd party Bluetooth contollers using an ESP32 and blueretro pre-made software (for games that use the gamecube controller)
The base for this project will be a GameStation5, which is a cheap and good looking console. Also has a good working space once you remove the original mainboard:

You can take a look of the console internals in this video:

I'll be adding more goals for this project when I remember them xD
The making process will be uploaded and updated as soon as the components and the cosole arrives
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Jan 27, 2023
3 Trims, 1 Portable, 2 Tabletop
The reason for using a GameStation 5 and not a Nintendo or another console is because the PiiS5 Will look amazing next to my PS5:

The console finally arrived!


Here's the link, but I don't recommend buying from this seller (see the reason below):
GameStation 5 - AliExpress

It came with bad news for this project:

The controller connectors were different than the expected (because they should be USB instead of these awkward connectors)

Immediately reported that situation to seller as "Product doesn't match with the description" but must return the goods to receive a refund.
I will manage to adapt this holes that are bigger than a USB port (because $160MXN doesn't worth to pay shipping for a refund).

Here is were the project starts
Unmounting Wii2HDMI board. Removed the Wii AV connector and saved the HDMI cover for later:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 085117.png

Here's the link:
Wii2HDMI - AliExpress

Unmounting Gamestation original components (also saved for a further project):

Trimmed the front panel board to save the power/reset buttons and power LED:

Found some plastic scrap from component reels (the most similar to console black plastic) took the tweezers and traced the connector marks. The idea is to place USB ports in middle and cover the controller port holes:
*REMEMBER - I don't have planned to use a 3D printer

Before using moto tool, I've also traced the HDMI port figure in place (I used the cover which I saved in previous steps as guide)
Also have to resize DC connector from Micro-USB to USB-C size:

Will remove the internal plastics as well to save space for the Wii and components (not necessary to reassemble the console):
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Jan 27, 2023
3 Trims, 1 Portable, 2 Tabletop
Minor updates since the project's progress is running slowly:

The plastic pieces to cover the controller ports were ready:

Remember the original buttons that I've saved from the original console?
I used some plastic pieces removed from this console to set the button board on place and then used permabond

Added the extra ports for the console like HDMI, changed "DC IN" size for using USB-C instead of MicroUSB and a 3.5mm jack for the external sensor bar
*Temporary placed the HDMI board, will be set in place after wiring USB-C port
**I know that the 3.5mm jacks are misaligned, but the original AV output was too close to the center, and I didn't want to drill the "air vents"

Drilled some rear "air vents" on the upper zone

Glued the fan in place pointing to rear "air vents"
Added some supports for screwing on the Wii board (used recycled plastic parts that we saved from this console, the board will be set after wiring regulators)

Glued the regulator boards on place
I planned to use some custom regulators that I've trimmed from scrap CPU boards, but they couldn't fit on the "No custom boards" goal for this project, so I've used mini560 regulators (cheap, stable, and easy to buy, efficiency is not critical because this will be a tabletop console)

Finally, the USB ports were set in place
I've selected 1x USB-A and 1x USB-C since this is similar the PS5

**END of update

-I will plan where to place more externals soon (1 interruptor for video output selection and sync button), I don't know if would be better placing it below the console to be hidden, or in the rear side
-Maybe will make an air conduct between fan and air vents to prevent airflow flowing to wrong places
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