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Discussion in 'Selling' started by ToddyHD, Dec 22, 2018.

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    EDIT: These are not for sale just yet until I have had time to test all of them to ensure they're working properly. I will reupdate this thread once I have done so!

    Hello all.

    I am currently building a portable and for my audio solution have opted to go with the amplifier created by JacksonS.

    I have 5x boards that I have just soldered by myself by hand that I'd be willing to sell for anyone interested for about $30 plus postage. I made these because I wanted to practice soldering SMD and in particular QFN chips. Only issue is, I am located down under in Australia so postage may cost you your left kidneys.

    Send me a PM on discord or BitBuilt and we can arrange shipping. Each will come with the switching headphone jack separately. The boards will be pre-programmed ready to go out of the box.

    Thanks. You can find the original thread here to JacksonS's PCB and GitHub:
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    If these are your first attempts with QFN soldering, I'd reccomends testing each amp before shipping, just to be sure they work like they should. The soldering job on that one at least isn't totally elegant, and if someone is going to spend that much on something then they should be sure it works.
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    I'll be testing all of them to make sure they work as intended before shipping :)
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