Question How do you trim a motherboard?

Aug 2, 2019
This is a question that I have found myself in need of an answer for. We've all seen motherboard trimming guides. You know the ones, they have the pictures and some informational text about where to cut and where to relocate stuff. Very informative.

But I found myself wondering how do I get the cut in the 1st place. Do you use a cut-off wheel on a dremel? Do you score it with a hobby knife and break it apart? Do you use a hacksaw?

I used a dremel with a cut off wheel and it did not turn out clean. I also had a hard time following the line. There were also components in the line where I was supposed to cut, hitting those sent debris flying everywhere. I'm not even sure the console is functional after the procedure lol.

TLDR: How do you actually trim a motherboard?

Thank you for any help you can provide me and other users who may be in a similar predicament.