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  1. Luis Mendonça .

    May 10, 2019
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    Hi everyone! I recently got this new 7 inches screen, and right out of the box I tried running it with 5 v before modding. It did run, but the screen quality was lower than it was when running with 12V, very noticeable (Using a variable power supply helps a lot when testing these) and all the controls buttons from the screen were not working when using 5v (Power, menu, up and down, etc) just the contrast button was ´partially working but on the video selection button instead of it's right button.

    I mapped some of it's voltage points but it's a tad confusing to me where I should inject 5v or what I should remove, because I'm getting some crazy readings here... (All tested with 12V supplied)


    In order as I labelled them.:

    1 - MP 1482
    As the file says "The MP1482 is a monolithic synchronous buck regulator."
    On point 3, as marked, it's output is + 5V

    2 - PT4103
    It says there "The PT4103 is a step-up DC/DC converter", I hope I got the right datasheet here, but it checks out, on pin one the output is + 5V as well.

    3 - 662K voltage regulator (Didn't find this specific datasheet)
    Yellow pin = +5V,
    Red pin = +3.3v

    (What I did find is that these 662K are 3.3v regulators so this checks out,
    nothing to do here)

    4 - LD3 (N? or Z? couldn't find anything about this one, nothing but a seller on aliexpress, with no description for it, but my guess it's also a voltage regulator?)

    Yellow pin = + 9.3V
    Blue pin: = + 5V
    Red Pin: = + 14V

    5- LD3 (N? or Z?)

    Yellow pin = - 5 V
    Red pin = - 8,5V

    (Yup, they are negative)

    So, should I just input 5v to that first IC's output? Tried that, did not work.
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  2. The hob .

    May 27, 2018
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    The Netherlands
    You can ask the aliexpress seller about LD3
  3. tzmwx .

    May 29, 2019
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    Look at the picture

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  4. Luis Mendonça .

    May 10, 2019
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    I did, he/she didn't really know what it was about, now I can only find it in alibaba.

    Which pin are you jumping there? It's to solder +5V input directly to that rightmost pin of this drum inductor?

    EDIT: It's working as of tzmwx post, the buttons from the original board still do not work as expected, that may be because of resistance, but I haven't yet checked it, and at 8V the board works perfectly. For a ps2 portable project I'm undergoing, it's going to be perfect to work at around 6-8.4V.

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