GoPro Hero5 lite (for FPV) 30g!

May 28, 2017
Hey guys, here is a small project I just finished. Had nowhere to post a worklog, but in this forum it might be in good hands :)

Finished Design:



With a ND filter:

The assembly is rather easy, but just in case I made a video that guides you throughthe process:
Here are some pics of the mainboard and its pinout that I figured out. It may not be complete, but it is all I needed:


Note that the + and - on top of the mainboard are from the batterie. You can not power it from there with 5v (it will fry the board) or with 4.2v, because of a safety feature on the GoPro. However, if you have a third party batterie and want to use the protection board from it, you will have to solder to this pins.
But it might be best to go with 5v instead and solder it like in the following pictures. You only need ONE 4.7k resistor, I just marked multiple points to solder it to.

IMG_8289 (2).jpg


If you need any additional infos, post it here or PM me. ;)
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Nov 10, 2020
I am confused by the last couple of photos of soldering on the resistor so I have a lot of questions but hopefully this will make everything more clear.

Is the ribbon cable double layered so the resistor could also be soldered to the traces behind where you have positive and ground soldered? would this be easier? because I have no clue how to get such a fine solder directly to the connector as you did. is there any tutorial for how to do this, or could you show how you did it?

you mentioned using a protection board from a battery, could you explain this more? It seems much easier with no fine soldering to take the PCB in a GoPro battery, connect it to a battery eliminator circuit and directly connect that to a LIPO. is there any reason this wouldn't work with the hero5? What's the reason you didn't choose this option?

Also, from my understanding of a naked GoPro, you can have it turn on as soon as it gets powered if you short the power pad to ground. Have you done this, shorting the pad you labeled power to ground?

Also, to have the GoPro start and stop recording from an aux channel on the radio, have you tried connecting the mode(rec) pad to the flight controller and set up an aux switch? or do you control the GoPro through the phone app and the button you kept on?

Thank you so much for your help and posting this, I have been wanting to do this for a while but haven't found anything nearly as useful as this so I will definitely be trying this now.