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    This will let you switch what screen is displayed on the bottom screen of a phat DS. This is usefull for playing some DS games on a Gameboy Macro. PhatDS.png
    It's not easy, but the main idea is to have DCLK2 go to the bottom screen (this will display the top screen down there). If the trace isn't cut, it will display the top screen, but pixels will be distorted depending what is drawn on the bottom screen normally.

    This only works with DS Phat as of now, but I'll probably look into getting it to work with a DS lite.

    Thanks to the people at bitbuild, and @cheese for the idea to test the DCLK pins

    Edit: DS lite is mostly a no-go. Phat DS Shares it's 18 color pins between both screens, but each screen has it's own DCLK.
    As for DS lite, it shares one DCLK for both screens, and has 18 color pins per screen (why nintendo?) This would basically require cutting 18 traces, soldering to 18 pins, and 36 vias, and using a switch with 54 pins
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    and how can i swap the screen? do i need a extra button for that the change the bridge?
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    Nice man, a lot of games like Chrono Trigger, Metal Slug and MarioKart will benefit greatly from this

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