crude diy mic?


Apr 15, 2020
jack frost sanctuary
i don’t give a hee ho
so i’ve been itching to build something lately, preferably something with an actual purpose. to this day i’ve been using my computer’s internal mic and it’s pretty average. what i’d like to do is somehow hack together a mic on par with or better than my computer’s mic.

so far i’ve looked into cheap electret condensers such as this one:

the downside to the low cost is that these mics seem to have a lot of noise. i’ve looked for filter circuits and found simple rc high pass filters but i’m not sure that they would work.

i’ve also read that amps(preamps? i’m not too sure) are necessary for sufficient volume without using the computers sound card and adding noise. these preamp circuits typically contain op amps. if i’m being honest, i have no idea what those are besides the fact that they amplify voltage. i figure it shouldn’t be too hard to learn what they do.

i’m fairly new(basically a complete novice) to designing my own “original” circuits, so my #1 problem with this is figuring out how to combine the filtering and preamp circuits, and making sure i have a clean power supply to minimize noise. if anyone has any suggestions, advice, or otherwise feel free to comment

edit: i might make this into a pcb in the future once i learn pcb design so is there anything i should be aware of in that aspect