BitBuilt's 2019 Summer Building Contest: The Results!

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Jan 16, 2016
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Dozens of people may have entered, but in the end only three members completed their submissions for this year's Summer Building Contest! GingerOfOz with his Louii, Gman with his 2DC, and Nold with his 2SP! The community has decided, and with over 80 members voting this year it is now time to reveal who placed where!

1st Place: Gman with the 2DC!
The first of its kind, this Dreamcast portable features many different custom PCBs including the first Dreamcast Controller Emulator.

2nd Place: GingerOfOz with the Louii!

A refinement of The Waker of the Wiind from last year's contest, Ginger's Louii is not only eye-catching but also features custom molded buttons and joysticks to complete this Pikman themed portable.

3rd Place: Nold with the 2SP!

:noclamshell: may have been the inspiration behind this beauty from Nold, but this clamshell takes the PS2 to new heights - no Wiid required! (but recommended)

Thank you to everyone who entered this year's competition. Congratulations to our winners! We look forward to seeing what all of you can come up with next year! :)

A detailed breakdown of the contest results will be coming in a separate post!

We hope you all had fun and can't wait to see what next year brings!

-Noah and the BitBuilt Staff
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