BitBuilt's 2019 Secret Santa Gift Exchange (US ONLY)

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    It's that time of the year once again. The looming presence of school exams slowly sets in for students everywhere. Portablizers across the globe are awaiting WiiBoy Kits in their stockings this year. The holidays are getting closer and thus it's time we begin signups for our annual Secret Santa!

    The exchange will largely be the same as last two previous years. Sign up by filling out the form and then by random, you'll be given a user who has also signed up for the exchange. Your job is to be the "secret Santa" for this user by selecting a gift you think is best suited for them based off of the information they include in their form.

    As the title for the thread suggests, this exchange will once again only be for those in the United States. Unfortunately due to the high shipping costs that come when shipping packages internationally (about half the cost of the usual gift), we are currently unable to host a worldwide gift exchange. That being said, this thread will be left open for discussion, and users that reside in other countries around the world are free to chime in; if there is enough interest for a Europe-based gift exchange for example where rates between countries would be similar to those in the US, we can look at getting one set up.

    Last year's exchange went swimmingly so we're confident that this year's exchange will go just as smoothly.

    Here are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind before signing up:
    • Do not sign up for the exchange if you will be unable to purchase/make a gift for your assigned user before the shipping deadline. (More information on that can be seen in the next post.)
    • Do not sign up for the exchange if you've not been a moderately active member of the community. While post count isn't necessarily the only factor we'll base our judgement on, the staff reserves the right to remove anyone they believe won't actively participate in the exchange.
    • While there is no set "budget" for the exchange, most gifts should be in the $25-$50 range, although there is no maximum value. The value of the gift that is sent is up to the digression of the users participating.
    • If you are under the age of 16 and/or do not have a driver's license, be sure to make adequate preparations for how you will ship your gift, whether that is getting a ride to a post office or having a carrier pick up the package from your residence.
    • If the user you are given does not have any "interests" listed in their form, try to send them something related to modding as it's a safe common interest to fall back on.
    • Lastly, try and make sure that as the name suggests, your gift remains a "secret" and the user receiving it is surprised when they open the box!
    Signups are open! Follow the link below to sign up now:

    You will need a valid Google account in order to fill out the form!
    Signups will close on November 30th
    , so if you are interested in signing up make sure to do it before then!

    Lastly and most importantly, have fun!

    -The BitBuilt Staff
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    Secret Santa Timeline:

    November 23rd - Signups open!
    November 30th - Signups close
    December 1st - Information, including your chosen user, will be sent via PM!
    December 16th - All gifts must be sent out by this point!
    As stated for December 16th, all gifts must be sent out by this time to accommodate for shipping times during the holidays. This way, almost all gifts should arrive before Christmas. There is no official opening of the gifts, but a new thread will be posted in order to share the awesome gifts you receive from other community members!

    As more information becomes available, we will post it in this thread!

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