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Mar 3, 2016
I have noticed a lot of repeated questions in BBLoader's thread, so I guess it makes sense to list them in an F.A.Q.

Q - Can I install BBLoader if I have PortablizeMii already installed or my Wii is already trimmed?
A - Yes, just copy the files over and run BBLoader from the homebrew menu in PortablizeMii. Follow the steps from BBLoader's main thread.

Q - Does it work with SanDisk *whatever*?
A - As of version 1.3, most likely not, or it could cause issue when booting a Wii game. Support might improve in the future.

Q - What USB drive should I use?
A - There are many compatible ones, but the most recommended right now is the Kingston microSD to USB adapter paired with a microSD (Samsung EVO ones work great). You can find the adapter on our store as well:

Q - How should I format my USB drive?
A - Your USB drive must be formatted in FAT32, preferably with 32k cluster size. If you use Windows this tool will do the job:

Q - How do I boot into the safe menu?
A - Hold L+R+Z on your GC controller while powering up your Wii and wait until the "BBLoader bootloader" text disappear. The safe menu should show up right after.

Q - How do I boot into the system menu?
A - Right now the only way is to select "Exit to System Menu" from the safe menu.

Q - I selected the wrong options in the installer, how do I run it again?
A - Boot into the safe menu and select "Run installer".

Q - How do I uninstall BBLoader?
A - For most cases it's enough to select "Boot priiloader" from the safe menu, go into priiloader's settings and change the autoboot setting. You can also boot into priiloader by holding the reset button on boot.

Q - I want to use VGA in my portable, but I only have a component cable (or Wii2HDMI adapter). How can I test it after I installed it if I selected VGA?
A - To force component video output you must unplug the video cable from the Wii and plug it back while the system is on.

Q - Does it support VC or WiiWare games?
A - As of version 1.2, yes it does.

Q - Where are my saves stored?
A - GC saves are on the USB drive under the "saves" folder. Wii saves are currently on the system menu. Soon a new version of BBLoader will support saves on the USB drive as well.

Q - I installed it, but no game shows up. How do I make it work?
A - Make sure your USB drive is formatted in FAT32 with 32k cluster size. Also make sure that you are organizing the games folders properly:

Q - How can I switch menus with a wiimote?
A - As of version 1.3, you can't. This will change soon.

Q - How do I sync a wiimote?
A - As of version 1.3, you need to boot into the System Menu and do it from there.

Q - My Wiimote is synced, but it doesn't work in Wii games.
A - Press B on the selected game before booting it to access the per-game configuration menu and make sure you have Bluetooth enabled.

Q - How do I configure GC2Wiimote?
A - Press B on the selected game before booting it to access the per-game configuration menu, enable GC2Wiimote and then select "Configure GC2Wiimote". Bluetooth must also be disabled for GC2Wiimote to work.

Q - GC2Wiimote stops working if left in idle for few minutes.
A - It's a known issue and will be fixed.

Q - Do I need to relocate the bluetooth module for Wii games to work?
A - No. Press B on the selected game before booting it to access the per-game configuration menu and disable Bluetooth.

Q - My Wii game already supports GC controllers natively, what should I do?
A - Press B on the selected game before booting it to access the per-game configuration menu and disable GC2Wiimote.

Q - Can I add custom themes?
A - Currently BBLoader loads the theme called "BBMain" under the "/bbloader/themes" folder. Better customization support will come in the future.

Q - I can't access some menus with the C-Stick, is it normal?
A - Yes, not all menus are supported right now.

Q - Can I use USB controllers?
A - Not currently and not future support is planned right now.

Q - Can I use real memory cards in GC games?
A - As of version 1.3, you can't. This will change soon.

Q - Should I switch from PortablizeMii to BBLoader?
A - This is really up to you. PortablizeMii is not maintained anymore. Right now the only feature missing from BBLoader is VC and WiiWare support.

Q - A new version of BBLoader has been released, how do I install it?
A - Unless specified otherwise, you just need to unzip the archive and copy its content in the root of your USB drive, merging any conflicting folder.

Q - Where can I find *.wad?
A - WADs usually contain copyrighted contents and we won't provide them for you.

Q - Where can I download GC/Wii games?
A - We don't discuss piracy here. Dump your own games using CleanRIP.

Q - After installing all I see is a screen with "GC Games" written on it. Can I trim my Wii now?
A - That's fine, it means you don't have any games on your USB drive. Yes, you can proceed with the trim, assuming you have selected the right options in the installer.

Q - Why is it in beta? Is it safe?
A - The only reason why it is in beta it's because there are missing features (like VC support), but BBLoader has been proven to be very safe by many.

Q - Can you implement *whatever*?
A - It's either already planned or the answer is most likely not.
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