2021 Summer Competition Results and Prizes


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Feb 5, 2016
The 2021 Summer competition has come to a close. It was a another tough year for all with chip shortages and various other things resulting in only 3 entries being completed. For those who couldn't finish for any reason know you're not alone and that we still would love to see more posts on any future progress!

That being said the results of the competition are:
1st place: Nold's GC2go
Nold GC2go.JPG

2nd place: RoseDagger's GB Adwiince v2
RoseDagger GBAdwiince.jpg

3rd place: MRKane's KeyLime Pi-Rate Station
MRKane KeyLime Pi-Rate Station.jpg

We never officially detailed if prizes would be given for this year's competition. They've been a staple of the competition, however, so we've moved to donations for prizes in lieue of the BitBuilt store's closure.
Competition winners will be contacted shortly along with their forum badges being created. Prizes will be picked by the winners in order.
  • An Ender3 3D Printer (OR $225 USD) - donated by @cheese
    • Feed your modding or 3D Print addiction with a new 3D Printer. Not your cup of Tea? Take the cash instead and use itas you please.
  • $100 USD - donated by @CrashBash
    • Sometimes money talks, don't spend it all in one place (or do!)
  • An Ashida PCB Set - donated by 4LayerTech
    • You've finished your project, now it's time for another. Why not go with an Ashida, the hot new portable designed by @Wesk ?
We thank everyone for being patient with us while @cheese and I got our bearings and an even bigger thank you to those who entered this year - regardless of how far you got with your project. As always the entire BitBuilt staff look forward to seeing what community members manage to create next.

~ The BitBuilt Staff
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