wii handheld

  1. Mc moron mods

    The x rider concept

    I just had this random idea of making a Wii portable in a duke controller so I came up with a terrible sketch of it anyone can make something off of it but it’s basically a wave rider but with a not as good controller and possibly more space for cooling
  2. Mc moron mods

    Trimmed Wii on aliexpress

    There is a pre trimmed Wii currently on aliexpress and I personally want to trust it but I don’t know if the sellers legit so does anyone know if it’s actually gonna work Here’s the link to the trimmed Wii https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005005934305733.html
  3. Rebel5611

    Worklog My First Wii Portable

    Hey everyone! I have wanted to build a Wii portable for a while, and just got the drive to actually start two days ago. I figured I would begin this process by designing a PCB for the parts directly connected to the USB-C port I plan to charge from and use for data transfers to the internal USB...
  4. Question Why is the colors on vga mode off

    I wired just as pictured in the trim guide. Get vga out but the colors are off. Any help would be very very very appreciated
  5. TopatoJoe

    Question Controller wiring for Wii Portables

    Hey there! I have been poking around the internet preparing for a Wii Portable project (Read exploration) with a few other students interested. I think I got most of it nailed down but I still cannot understand the wiring and programming for controllers. I know there's a GC+ 2.0 board that helps...
  6. meepledemeep

    Worklog The CheWii

    Yay I’m making a portable, here I will ask my many questions along my journey.