u10 relocation

  1. Mr.Jakes

    Question problem with u5

    Hello, when trying to relocate the u10 and remove the u5 from its place, one of the lines broke. Does anyone know where the missing line comes from so I can rebuild it? Or would I have to buy another Wii? It's a 6 layer wii.
  2. David-Industries

    Question U5 chip removal question

    I'm in the process of replacing the U5 chip with the U10 on my trimmed wii motherboard. Should I save my U5 chip for later?
  3. Chris P Nugget

    Worklog Portable Wii #1: G-Wii Build

    What's up, figured I'd start a worklog for this project. It's probably going to be a long term project but I had some questions so I guess it makes sense to put them in a worklog. Feel free to move this post around somewhere if it's better suited elsewhere. I've made several Pi portables in...
  4. Mason

    Solved What did I do wrong?

    Hi! So, I finally got around to wiring up the u10 to one of the vias with the magnet wire I got on Amazon, and when I attempt to power the Wii on, the power led goes from red, to red and green, then to green and then just no light at all. UPDATE! The u10 was completely fried. I replaced it with...