1. Can a 7" TFT LCD be connected to the Wii?

    I see that the screen interface has UART and Ethernet ports. Here is the datasheet.
  2. Gi0V1Z

    Question RVL DD compatibility

    Sorry for the dumb question... Do you guys think that this screen can work with the RVL DD? It’s written that is an TFT LCD 5” 800x480 I will not use the touch panel
  3. Omar Elsayed

    Question Using 3ds analog stick as a gamecube analog stick replacement

    I want to build a wii portable and want to use 3ds analog sticks. Do I just use the caps? Or do I somehow replace the analog stick on the gamecube with it. If yes, how do I do it?
  4. Soulheaven


    Hello everyone, given that this is my first PS2 portable project, I wanted to know some tips on how to do this at both the video level and the sound level. First of all, at the time I wanted to increase, and to decrease the volume using keys without a potentiometer, only keys I wanted to know...
  5. Madmorda

    Small TFT Monitors: Vga vs composite?

    So I'm comparing the pros and cons of vga vs composite on 4-5" screens, and I want to know if it really makes a noticeable difference. I have a 4.3" I've used before (composite) and was reasonably satisfied with it, although I did feel the quality could've been slightly better. But I think that...