1. Discussion ps3 portable

    hello there. greetings ! im mel acostoy from philippines i've heard about gman project the ps2 portable and the successful of trimming guide he make. that gives other user potential to make their own portable ps2. Since he made that kind of project. lets take another step of portable next...
  2. destroyer12

    Worklog [2022 Contest Entry] First Portable: The PS2

    IT IS DONE! It has been a lot of troubleshooting and painting but I finally have a working portable. I added an Arduino Nano as a basic battery fuel gauge. It is just measuring the battery voltage and lighting up the led based on the voltage. It was also supposed to auto reset the PS2 when...
  3. Question Wires connection

    Hi I´m completely new to moding and electronics, but I got this idea of making my own PS2 portable cuz I don´t have 800 dollars to spare. But something bothers me: I am capable of doing everything myself, I got people who can help me, but how do I connect batteries to motherboard so it recognize...
  4. 4875425142

    Question Ps1 Classic portable?

    Is it possible to make a Ps1 portable with ps1 classic? -7.4volt battery with 2s bms (2pcs 3.7v 4000mah) -5" eyoyo screen -usb port to add games using bleamsync -ps1 classic controller -amplifier board -Battery Capacity Indicator Electricity Power LED Display Board
  5. Worklog Ps2 Portables

    Working on two ps2 portables atm started the second due to the fact im waiting on the case and my Dremel set to finish the first far I made a few awesome discoveries on the 2nd portable though! all images are from the second project which uses a 50001 motherboard. ( hit a brick wall...
  6. cfc_12

    Worklog The Two PS2p

    Just got home from post office and school. Looks like it's time to make an another one! Thanks to @E64 ! I got the package today bro! :D Btw, what's the wire for? :?: